Honest Kitchen Cat Food Review - 11
Honest Kitchen Cat Food – Expert 2017 Roundup
June 1, 2017
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Iams Cat Food Review – Expert Roundup 2017
June 2, 2017
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Meow Mix Cat Food Review - 11

When you check out the Meow Mix Cat Food site you are going to find a multitude of product options such as 7 dry food varieties, 6 stormy food varieties, and 3 lines of treats. The “About Us” area of the site offers not much detail about the story of the brand or perhaps about its manufacturing procedure – it basically plays upon the pet owner ‘s drive to take care of the pet of theirs with a quality, healthy diet plan. In case you stick to the url to the Big Heart Pet site, you are going to find much more of the very same – generalized statements and promises without any actual info. When perusing the Meow Mix site, it becomes apparent that the brand ‘s largest draw lies in its variety – pet owners are able to select from a large assortment of flavors and formulas, everything at highly economical prices. In case you evaluate the ingredients list for a lot of of Meow Mix ‘s merchandise, you are going to find that the brand creates heavy use of soy ingredients, wheat, and corn that are usually considered to be non nutritive fillers when utilized in cat foods products. In terms of proteins, Meow Mix utilizes a great deal of by product food and supplemental plant based proteins. Overall, the Meow Mix brand can’t be regarded as a high quality cat food brand as well as its products have a high threat for aggravating sensitivities and food allergies in cats.

Who Manufactures Meow Mix Cat Food?

The Meow Mix brand name of cat food is presently grown as well as made by the J.M. Smucker Company. Meow Mix was founded over forty years ago with the aim of supplying cats with the balanced nourishment they need as well as the irresistible flavors they like. Meow Mix saw a major increase in sales with the release of their 1974 tag line, “the cat foods cats request by name” that had been accompanied by the brand ‘s memorable theme song. Initially a product of the Ralston Purina Company, Meow Mix was acquired by Del Monte Foods in 2006 and eventually sold to Big Heart Pet Brands. This particular business was acquired by the J.M. Smucker Company in 2015, putting in Meow Mix to a summary of brands that even contains Kibbles’ n Bits, 9Lives, Gravy Train, Nature ‘s Recipe, and also Pup Peroni.

Meow Mix Cat Food Recalls 2017 The Meow Mix cat foods brand name hasn’t been influenced by any FDA issued recalls to date. Nevertheless, in case you do a bit of digging, you are going to find that the Meow Mix brand name was engaged in an extensive consumer funded test in 2015. This particular test was funded with an IndieGoGo campaign and it discovered that eleven out of twelve examined pet food variations contained bacteria which were deemed considerable health threats by the FDA – additionally, it revealed that four out of eight brands had high levels or medium of mycotoxins – the Meow Mix Tender Centers formula was one of the items. In reality, the Meow Mix goods was discovered to have much more than 3 times the high risk degree of mycotoxin articles. The Meow Mix Tender Centers Salon & Turkey Flavor dried up food was furthermore discovered to consist of a variety of kinds of bacteria.

Best Meow Mix Cat Food Review Online

What many customers like about the Meow Mix cat food brand name is actually the simple fact that they provide a lot of variety. The Meow Mix brand recognizes the fact that pets are included in the family and they model the products of theirs in a way that will help make probably the most of mealtime, supplying cats with the balanced nourishment they need with irresistible flavors they’re certain to love. The site also says that Meow Mix is actually “the simply brand cats as well as parents request by name”. Because of the info on the Meow Mix site, you might expect the healthy recipe to be made with high quality components in nourishing, balanced formulas. An evaluation of several Meow Mix items reveals, nonetheless, that this might not be the case.

When it comes to the cat food products of theirs, Meow Mix features 7 distinct dry varieties, 6 wet varieties, and 3 collections of treats – most with an assortment of flavors to select from. The Meow Mix Bistro Recipes collection of things is actually influenced by restaurant flavors as Grilled Salmon and rotisserie Chicken as the Tender Centers line of things features two flavor combinations in leafy kibbles. Meow Mix provides a dedicate type of dry food items to help control hairballs in addition to a line of Kitten Li’l Nibbles that consist of smaller sized parts formulated with the protein as well as fatty acids kittens have to raise strong and big. There’s also a line of Sea food Medley dry foods as well as, obviously, the initial Choice formula featuring chicken, salmon, turkey, and ocean fish. Meow Mix also provides an inside Cat method which is created to keep weight that is healthy for indoor cats.

For wet food choices, Meow Mix provides an assortment of Classic Pates produced with turkey, chicken, tuna, or real beef and an assortment of Souffles produced with chicken, salmon, tuna fish, and egg. The Pate Toppers line of items consists of sea food and chicken flavors formed into pate and topped with shredded morsels. The Tender Favorites line of things is actually made up of tasty meats in sauces that are savory as well as the Savory Morsels type of things functions tender poultry as well as sea food combined with savory gravy. Along with their specific stormy meal offerings, Meow Mix additionally provides an assortment of bunch packs thus the cat of yours is able to enjoy a combination of flavor options.

Meow Mix Cat Food Review - 2

Unique Recipe Review (Dry) Meow Mix Indoor Health Dry Cat Food Formula


Meow Mix Indoor Health Dry Cat Food is especially developed to assist indoor cats keep a proper weight. Cats that invest their days inside have been noted to place on an additional pound or perhaps 2 and have the tendency to be much less active, particularly as they grow older. Meow Mix Indoor Health not simply deals with weight management, though it tastes very good the cats of yours will devour every scrumptious morsel. This wholesome recipe is actually filled with high quality protein and also has the tantalizing flavors of chicken, turkey, salmon as well as seashore fish. It is balanced and complete for adult cats with all of the important vitamins as well as nutrients they need for optimum health.

Key Benefits

  • Weight management formula for indoor cats
  • Provides all of the important minerals and vitamins your cat needs
  • Chicken, turkey, salmon as well as ocean fish flavors are actually certain to be a quick hit
  • 100% complete and healthy healthy diet for adult cats
  • Made right here within the USA


Based on the Meow Mix site, this particular Meow Mix Indoor Health Dry Cat Food formulation is especially developed to assist inside cats keep a proper weight. The site states that this particular item is actually 100% complete as well as balanced to supply nutrition for adult cats which includes all important vitamins and minerals. The offer itself shows photos of the 4 main protein sources – ocean fish, salmon, turkey, and chicken. All of the items combine to suggest that this’s a high quality source of healthy nutrition for adult inside cats. In case you are taking the time to write the review of the ingredients list for this particular item, nonetheless, you might discover an unique story.

Right from the start, the very first component because of this Meow Mix Indoor Health Dry Cat Food formulation raises a reddish flag. Ground yellow corn is actually the very first compound implemented by corn gluten meal. You will find 2 problems with these – the point that corn ingredient show up on the summary at all & the point that the very first protein supply does not show up until the third slot on the ingredients list. Not merely is corn an ingredient which offers minimal vitamin value for cats, though it’s also pretty hard to digest and it’s a higher risk for triggering sensitivities or food allergies. The reality that ground yellow corn is actually the primary component in this particular item is extremely troubling, particularly when paired with a different corn ingredient listed next.

Chicken by product meal is the third component on the list as well as the main source of protein for that service. The simple fact that this particular component comes from a named source of energy (chicken versus “poultry”) is actually great, but by product meals are usually not regarded as a high quality ingredient. Chicken by product meal is actually made from made chicken carcasses and also includes undeveloped, offal, and bone eggs and some feathers. This element does consist of high levels of proteins but the quality of its is able to differ tremendously from one batch to the next – it will be better to see sometimes fresh chicken or maybe chicken meal as the main source of protein because of this Meow Mix Indoor Health Dry Cat Food method.

After the chicken by product meal comes soybean meal implemented by beef tallow, soybean hulls, as well as brewers rice. Soybean meal is often a byproduct of the task through which oil is actually extracted from soybeans and it’s frequently utilized as a protein supplement in pet food items. Soy hulls are actually another byproduct of this approach and they’re frequently utilized as a fiber augment in pet foods. Brewers rice is actually made from the milled fragments of grain kernels and it way too is a fiber health supplement. While cats could gain from several fiber in their diet plan to help bring down hairballs and promote good digestion, both of the sources of fiber offer little nutritional value. It will be better to see an entire grain like brown rice or maybe a gluten free carbohydrate like sweet potato or maybe peas included in this specific recipe.

Along with the ingredients, this particular Meow Mix Indoor Health Dry Cat Food formulation contains beef tallow as the main source of extra fat also as a number of supplementary protein sources. Beef tallow is actually a rendered fat normally used in pet foods as well as, while it’s an animal based fat, it’s quite small in linoleic acid – the primary benefit of its is actually the flavor it provides to the service. The remaining protein sources mentioned for this recipe consist of turkey by product meal (which is so similar to chicken by product supper), salmon supper, and ocean fish supper. The second 2 of these 3 ingredients are thought high quality additions to cat food though they show up so much down the list that they’re not likely to be incorporated in any substantial amount. Dehydrated alfalfa meal additionally seems on the ingredients list and is actually very likely included as a supplemental protein source.

Meow Mix Cat Food Ingredients are.

  • Calcium (Min) – 1.0%
  • Crude Fiber (Max) – 9%
  • Moisture (Max) – 12%
  • Crude Protein (Min) – 31%
  • Crude Fat (Min) – 11%
  • Phosphorus (Min) – 0.8%

This system meets the AAFCO food demands for cats in all the life stages. Based on the feeding directions on the Meow Mix site, adult cats weighing between five and nine pounds must be fed ½ to one cup of meals every day. In case you compare the guaranteed evaluation and nourishing directions for this item to various other dry cat foods formulas, you are going to notice a selection of significant differences. For starters, this particular item doesn’t supply the calorie content as well as the day feeding recommendations is substantially greater than the normal dry cat food. This, mixed with the high fiber content (9%) of the item may lead the customer to suspect this Meow Mix Indoor Health Dry Cat Food formula isn’t especially well balanced. It does, of course , come across the minimum food requirements for cats based on AAFCO feeding trials though it appears to have much more of the components your cat does not have and much less of the people he does.

Final Verdict on Meow Mix Cat Food Overall

This particular Meow Mix Indoor Health Dry Cat Food method could be seen as “complete and balanced” by AAFCO, however it can’t be seen as a quality supply of nourishment for cats. Not merely does it list 2 corn based ingredients at the roof of the ingredients list but the majority of the protein comes from plant based sources or maybe by product meals. The high percent of crude fiber (9% max) for this particular recipe points toward extremely high carbohydrate content that is quite troubling thinking about the point that cats have a really minimal power to break down plant materials as well as the suggested optimum fiber content of dry cat food is actually 5%. This particular recipe is also missing several helpful additives like dried fermentation solutions (probiotics to allow for good digestion) and chelated minerals that are certain to protein molecules, which makes them easier for the cat’s body to break down and absorb. Overall, this particular Meow Mix Indoor Health Dry Cat Food formula gives very low to reasonable quality nourishment for cats and it’s a higher probability of triggering food allergies, sensitivities, and any other digestive issues.

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