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Best Litter Boxes For Multiple Cats

Cat Litter Boxes for Multiple Cats

Something That goes hand in hand with cat litter is, of course, A cat litter box. There are dozens and dozens of distinct cat litter boxes out there, each with their unique pros and cons. Some are made for durability, others are created for comfort and size, and a few even put aesthetics at the very top of the priorities. Where things get interesting (and also a lot more challenging) is when multiple cats are sharing the same litter box. The very best cat litter boxes for many cats tend to be times different than the very best litter box for single cat households.

We Go into great detail in this informative article about the best cat litter boxes for numerous cats. However, for those of you simply after a response, we have included a beneficial table below that shows our best picks. Hop directly below it if you wish to get into more detail.

Matters Such as within quantity, simpler exits and entrances, deeper cat litter storage areas, and a more efficient way of cleaning or draining cat litter all play a part. While a few of these may be overlooked or even ignored by single-cat families, with multi-cat residences, they can develop into a much bigger issue.

Should You Just Buy Multiple Cat Litter Boxes Instead?

Before We go on, it is important to consider possibly opting for multiple cat litter boxes instead of forcing 2 or more cats to talk about one litter box. There are various resources that believe that sticking to the “one cat a litter box” principle is the thing to do. Various factors come into play for this choice.

Cats Need Space

Cats are not packed animals and providing them sufficient Space is an important consideration that owners should follow to help promote a happy and healthy cat. This is very true when cats are gonna go to the bathroom (a period when having privacy is essential). For many, this may not be a problem: Most cats follow a demanding “schedule” when it comes to using the toilet, and in case your multiple cats have been wanting to use the potty at different times then there shouldn’t be a concern.

Cats Protect Their Turf

Second, Cats are extremely territorial, and this may also apply to their litter box. Cats who are forced to perform their business in exactly the identical area may become hostile towards one another, leading to the alpha cat attempting to “protect its turf”. That is why for those who have multiple litter boxes we encourage to set some distance in between them, rather on opposite surfaces of the room or house. Again, this will be on a case-by-case foundation, and a few multi-cat family will not have an issue while some are going to discover this to be hard.

More Challenging to Keep Clean

The More cats employing a single litter box, the quicker the cat litter will be exhausted, and the more frequently you will need to clean and replace the mess. There are loads of multi-cat litters which are up to this challenge, but even the very resilient multi-cat cat litter is going to have to be tracked more closely in busier multi-cat litter boxes.

Harder to Monitor Cat Health

Gradually Checking your kitty’s waste for strange colours or shapes is an important part of cat ownership. This can be a great way to detect early signs of various health problems and can also be a necessity by your vet in certain cases where your cat may already be ill or had possibly ingested something that should not have. There are some cat litters which are intended to change colours when exposed to particular situations that your cat may experience. When you have got each of your cats moving in the same place, it could be much more challenging to determine which cat litter originated from which nail or cat that of your cats might be ill.

Forced to Use a Single Type of Litter

Going With one cat litter box means that you will have to stick with one form of litter. Various cats might have preferences for different kinds of litter, and you eliminate that luxury with a single cat litter box. We have seen this issue come up several times about households that have an older cat and a cat that is younger. Often the older cat might need to use a specialized litter that is intended to be gentler on their paws although the younger doesn’t need this requirement. Some cats may also be more sensitive to litter dust or perfumes that need them to use a more natural cat litter (which typically don’t perform as well in our experience).

When a Multiple Cat Litter Box Can Work

While It is important to discuss why multi-cat litter boxes Will not work for all families, many will find that the issues listed above don’t apply to them and their pets. There are also some advantages to using one cat litter box as opposed to multiple.

Great for Small Apartments

An Obvious benefit of utilizing one litter box would be that space you save vs multiple litter boxes. Some cat litter boxes, especially ones with more advanced filtering and self-cleaning mechanisms, may be rather large and bulky. In smaller residences, this could occupy a substantial portion of precious floor space. If you can make do with one litter box, it is possible to end up preserving much more area than people with two or more.

Easier to Maintain

When All your cats are moving in 1 place. Multiple, it implies fewer boxes which you have to keep clean and empty. This is especially useful for anyone with long-haired cats or who use cat litter that’s notorious for tracking, as your monitoring source is just 1 area rather than multiple. Obviously, utilizing one litter box means that it will likely get dirtier faster than multiple (which was a con recorded above), however, you still typically save time vs having to keep several litter boxes.

Saves Money

Litter Boxes cost money, and some could be quite pricey. Additionally, there are plenty of cat litters out there which are potent enough to manage multiple cat households. So for people who have cats who can do the job nicely with a single litter box, you will find that you typically save money as you do not need to get additional boxes or several bags of normal litter.

Things We Look for When Searching for the Best Litter Boxes For Multiple Cats

There Are several common characteristics that we have seen that great multi-cat litter boxes reveal. We will go over a few below.


Typically Multi-cat litter boxes are somewhat bigger than a conventional box. Our first assumption for this was that they had been made bigger to accommodate some cats being inside of it simultaneously. Nevertheless, in our experience, we have seen that cats rarely do their company together at precisely the identical time. However, it is still great to get this additional space just in case.

Deeper Base

Cat litter boxes for multiple cats Normally Have a deeper base. This allows for deeper layers of cat litter that is extremely essential for busier litter boxes. The reason for this is the cats will automatically attempt to bury or conceal their waste by scooping litter on top of it. The more often that a cat uses a litter box the more frequently that the clutter granules will probably be moved around. A shallow litter box will become “tired” much sooner, resulting in cat waste not being able to be properly concealed and clumped. This not only causes you to less likely to use the litter box later on, but it also results in a more stinky and wreak havoc which you need to deal with!

Larger Entry/Exit

Going Along with the larger size generally, cat litter boxes that work well with some cats will usually have a larger door. Again, we seldom see cats employing a box at the same time but in the instances that they do having a bigger entry and exit way is helpful.

Advanced Cleaning/Filtering Mechanisms

Many Readers that utilize one litter box to their 2 or more cats take advantage of the more innovative litter boxes on the marketplace. These will be the litter boxes which have built-in filtering methods and self-cleaning features. This truly isn’t a huge surprise for us since these units have greater capabilities and appear to handle the higher demand of multi-cat families.

Best Cat Litter Boxes for Multiple Cats

Now That we have gone across the considerations you should make before trying a multi-cat litter box, let’s discuss our best choices to find the best products on the market. Without further ado, here are our options for the best cat litter boxes for several cats.

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Warm Gray
List Price: $27.55
Price: $27.49
You Save: $0.06
Price Disclaimer

This Massive litter pan is large enough to comfortably fit three cats Inside at once (though we doubt you will ever have to take care of this scenario!). The base is very deep, allowing for 4 inches or a lot of their cat litter of your choice. The large hood can also be easily lifted up that allows for simple access to the clutter and greatly help in cleaning and basic maintenance. Additionally, the whole top additionally lifts off after unclipping the four side clips if you want to have more accessibility. To help combat the higher odour demands of a multi-cat litter box, then there is also a carbon filter built that will help absorb smells. Also, we enjoy the rotating handle towards the surface of the unit that makes transportation much simpler. Moreover, all of this comes in a very affordable package that should be within everyone’s budget.

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Pewter
List Price: $32.99
Price: $26.09
You Save: $6.90
Price Disclaimer

The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box does not have quite the Spacious entrance of a number of those other multi-cat boxes we have looked in, however, the interior volume is extremely spacious and can easily hold two cats simultaneously. There’s not any lifting hood mechanism, and instead, the entire top can be eliminated just like the way most standard cat litter boxes function. Where this item shines is in its proprietary hi-tech technologies. It has built-in grills that separate blank litter from cat litter. It functions with no necessity for additional or electricity filters or liners. Instead, you simply roll up the box back and on to filter the clean mess through the grill. We like this feature as it helps to preserve cat litter for more which can be a continuous challenge in many multi-cat litter boxes. The asking price is also quite fair and much cheaper than several other “self-cleaning” boxes available in the industry.

Nature’s Miracle Advanced Hooded Corner Litter Box

Another huge litter box, Nature’s Miracle Advanced Hooded Corner Litter Box takes a very simple method of dealing with multiple cats by Only making everything bigger! The height, thickness, width, and entrance/exit For this unit are extremely large and are ideal for several cats to comfortably Sit inside and proceed. This is also a corner unit which includes a Triangular shape. Lots of corner litter boxes may endure in using a lack of Inside volume, but that is not the case here. To further help cope with Busier litter boxes it also will come with a built-in charcoal filter. This Simple approach is also great for your pocketbook because this litter box is one of The most affordable you will find that can handle numerous cats.

MFPS Enclosed Cat Litter Box

The first thing you Will Likely consider when you visit MFPS’s Enclosed Litter Box is just how heavy it is. From our estimates, you are looking at approximately 6 inches of wall space to use. This exceptionally deep foundation usually means you could pile up your favourite cat litter as large as you want making it last much longer before getting tired. The bigger walls also signify that you will have less of a problem with your cats monitoring litter granules beyond this box. This unit can be a lot long, supplying plenty of room for the cats to get their own “place” to perform their company. An enclosed litter pan causes much simpler and efficient managing of the mess when it is time to clean or empty.

Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box
List Price: $102.98
Price: $89.99
You Save: $12.99
Price Disclaimer

A Small different strategy, the Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box matches multi-cat challenges via more innovative techniques. While the particulars of how the Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box functions are a post from itself, the overall gist of this is that there’s an electrical rake which will proceed and back into scoop waste after triggered. You will find built-in sensors that can detect if you cat gets the litter box after which a 10-minute timer begins that activates the rake starting to proceed. All of this equates to a very exact and potent way of coping with the greater waste quantity that’s the standard at multi-cat litter boxes. It requires a whole lot of the effort from maintaining a crowded litter box clean that will cause both cats and their owners considerably more joyful. This device is quite a little costlier than the others we have discussed, but its strategy is unique and requires an enormous load from the proprietor.

Petmate 22793 Retracting Litter Pan

Concerning dimensions, the Petmate 22793 Retracting Litter Pan is a little more compact than a number of the other enormous examples we have discussed in this essay (that said it is still much bigger than many average cat litter boxes). What makes it stand out, however, is at its own really helpful retracting visor layout. Many litter boxes have their entrance way over the lower side. This enables a more profound shape, but it may also make obtaining the interior of the litter box a great deal harder as you need to reach deeper into. By placing the entrance way over the other hand, this makes for a massive entry point to your cats and also makes it much harder to keep the clutter when it is the right time to be replaced or cleaned. The visor can also be reduced to make a barrier which does a much better job of getting litter from being monitored or kicked outside. The hood can be filtered that further can help to minimize that possibly musty scents that come out of a multi-cat mess box. The asking price is a little higher than a few, but it is still well within many people’s budgets.

Finest Litter Box For Multiple Cats 2017

A Home with numerous cats may cause lots of clutter to clean up, especially if you do not have the correct size litter boxes. A box which is not fit for numerous cats could lead to scratching and twisting that sends jumble across both sides and also leaves a mess that you wash up. As opposed to using the little boxes one cat homes may use it is important you study which kind of litter boxes would be best at home with numerous felines. You will need to think about size and thickness but also which sort of box that your cats might prefer.

This Guide can take you through the things which you ought to think about when buying and enable you to come to some decision on that the best litter box to get numerous cats.

Your Own Cats Behaviour

This Is essential to notice, in case you have got more than one cat afterwards your litter boxes must be made just for this purpose, nevertheless, you must nevertheless possess more than one across the home. Based upon your cat’s character they may not take kindly to sharing a box with a different cat so while it is very important to give them this choice, do not be too surprised if your kitty still wants to have their independent toilet.

Buying Information

  • Size – Litter boxes for a single cat ought to be at least 1.5 times the period of your cat and as broad as the cat is extended, giving them lots of space to scrape around and bury their waste. When contemplating a litter box to get numerous cats, it is a fantastic idea to consider this pruning into account and ensure that your litter box is at least half that size again so that your cats are not treading in one another’s faces. Cat’s are rather sterile creatures and will not use the box should they believe it is dirty.
  • Location – Your kitty appreciates solitude when using their model of a bathroom and therefore, if you put your litter box in a place that’s high-traffic they may become more nervous and reluctant to utilize it, should they feel uneasy felines will find other, more scenic areas to perform their company.

Additional putting The litter box at a more quiet place is significantly more beneficial for almost any people residing in the home as it helps reduce undesirable odours.

The Best Litter Box For Multiple Cats, Top 3 Reviewed:

  1. Petmate 22040 Giant Litter Pan

Petmate ranks highest On our list, likely as a result of utter size/depth of this tray. Petmate is a well-known and reliable brand and also the box may hold over 30 lbs of clutter, so its thickness makes it almost impossible for visitors to kick anything beyond the box.

Petmate 22040 Giant Litter Pan, Bleached Linen
List Price: $21.81
Price: $21.66
You Save: $0.15
Price Disclaimer

It Comprises convenient Storage compartments built right into the container so it is possible to save your pooper scooper and whatever else you may need effortlessly, we discover it is enough to get a home of at least seven cats and is not so heavy you have to fret about the younger ones becoming stuck. Here is the very best litter box for numerous cats just since it has been designed with this in mind.

  1. Favourite® Cat Litter Box

This is the 2nd highest graded box, but also the best ranked of The enclosed selection. Enclosed litter boxes assist control odours and offer your kitty with solitude while making certain the litter is not able to scatter throughout your carpet.

This one can be larger and heavier than the typical litter box Which makes it ideal to get a bigger cat family, also, since its enclosed you are making your home smell fresher and much less like kitty litter. The box does not find cluttered easily, and also the lid is readily detachable with four secure latches for if it is time to scoop up litter and replace it with clean.

  1. Nature’s Miracle Litter Box (P-5915)

This positions as the Third best litter box for numerous cats and we believe its space saving design is the reason why. It is solidly built in a corner box so that it could play easily without consuming precious litter area for all those of you with a lot of furry pals.

It is antimicrobial Security to inhibit the development of odour which leads to germs significance it is simpler to clean and more hygienic than many other manufacturers. Such as the ‘Favorite’ it is enclosed that is best for stubborn cats who prefer to throw clutter throughout the area.

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