Precious Cat Premium Clumping Cat Litter Review 2017

Precious Cat Premium Clumping Cat Litter Review

Doctor Elsey’s Precious Cat litter point is just another basic in our own household. I can not imagine the amount of lint roller he’d need to eat up on an everyday basis…. . Kidding aside, I enjoy that they strive and return into town by using their shield spouses app that features complimentary refuge fittings. The lineup provides several variations based on the level of odor controller essential (recorded under in order of smallest to greatest).

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Readily Available in 18 pounds (8.2 kg), 20 pounds (9.1 kg), and also 40 pounds (18.1 kg)

Cost: £$

Packaging: Vinyl tote or box (to get 20 pounds just)

Scent: Not evident for Vintage and extremely. Extremely Scented comes with a mild odor formerly recorded.


They arrive in either a 20 lbs-box or even 18 and forty lbs-plastic tote. All these cat litters would be the primary explanation I have Amazon primary. Even the 40 pounds tote is enormous and also the glossy plastic cloth left it embarrassing to take, notably up two flights of staircase. Severely a work out! I gave in and guessed I ought to let another person perform the heavy lifting (thank-you UPS dude who currently understands me by name and is aware of in which I stay). 1 factor to find out for those who obtain it via Amazon, they usually do not pack it effectively and I’ve acquired a ripped tote previously. Amazon was fast to mend this though.


Within the BOX:


The newest asserts the kitty clutter was created using the most suitable feel and particle dimension to get a very good “dig-a-bility”.


SCENT & ODOR Manage:


Launch the package deal, I surely could find minimal odor however nothing else which will befall anybody who’s allergic to odor.


While I am unsure whether it’s “remarkable odor controller” as promoted, it will not a practical endeavor to restrain the odor. They ‘re perfect for some body who cleans their box over a standard basis (i.e. perhaps not really waiting until three days in between cleanup) because I had been just starting to see my flat smelling such as kitty clutter no more compared to that.


From the BOX:

Even though it creates a restricted pee clump, the consequent clump is stone solid similar to a real cement. Here really is just another purpose to be certain that you wash usually for this specific mess, if you aren’t fine along with your cats pawing by means of soccer balls that are concrete. On the other hand, it covers among those greatest complains about clutter, at which it crumbles even though still being scooped.

  • It monitors no more further than ordinary hence there’s not anything to whine of on this particular section.
  • Once it asserts to function as “99.9% fat-free”, ” I believe it is to become marginally more cluttered compared to many other services and products that’s generated much similar argue, these as for instance that 1.
  • Valuable Cat Ultra High Quality Clumping Litter 3.5 from 5

It’s definitely an ordinary carrying cat mess using a couple of minor possible pitfalls. Whilst it doesn’t excel in any 1 region, it will not mildly well in-all spots, which makes it a trusted work horse.



  • The most useful deal on the list of newest name clumping cat litter.
  • They return to your area.
  • Searching for brand new client.
  • Tough clumps, that eradicates the should overscoop as a way to wash out the crumblies.


  • Awkward and Heavy tote.
  • Very difficult clumps (sure it’s really is really a specialists but in addition drawbacks). Additionally, it could be trying on joints to get elderly cats to dig.
  • The odor controller, observation and dusting is marginally worse compared to any clutter.

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