Ranking Best Cat Litter for Odor Control in 2017

best cat litter for odor control
best cat litter for odor control

Among the most Frequent questions, cat owners have in mind, Especially new ones who have just entered into this lovely (yet demanding) world without much previous experience, is exactly what the best cat litter for odor control is so they can get rid of that nasty odor that seems to fill up the house right away.

Cat Litter Odor- The Cat Owner’s Reason of Worries

Can you ever come home Following a hard day’s work, just to be knocked flat by your cat?  Especially — your pet is pervading litter box odor?  Would you wish that your sinuses were stuffed up?  The fumes may not knock you out cold, but they do not have any mercy either.

To top it off, your Apartment living space might be pretty compact, along with your kitchen and dinner preparations in the immediate, vile vicinity.   In a bigger space, the sensory supply of your misery can permeate the atmosphere in other rooms inside your property.

Mainly you need to Come home into your own castle and revel in another fairly relaxing evening in — notwithstanding the typical cleanup chores.  In the future, you want to put your feet up and catch the TV remote.  At the same time, your cherished pet kitty visits the litter box and puts his or her tail up.  The outcome –gasp– is anything but distant!  You would love to bask in an odor-free residence, without having to cringe, especially once you amuse friends and family.

So much of the peace Of head comes down to what kind of product you fill the litter box with.  So it is time to shop for the type of litter that can get your kitty’s odor under control.  After the cat starts plopping, the tough go shopping!

Bringing home a premium-quality Cat litter will result in more comfort and the reassurance we mentioned, both for you and your pet.  The best high-quality mess with the very best science supporting it prevails as the ultimate peacemaker on your living quarters.  Engineered to do the best job of hiding and absorbing litter box smells, the premium products available on the market make the most sense for harmony in your home.  You want to secure your precious companion from germs and ammonia as well as nullify foul fumes from locating your own nostrils.  This is one of these situations in life where investing in the most advanced technology

ends up saving you time — and undoubtedly money — in the long run.  Bear in mind; you will not have to use as much of a more concentrated and efficiently formulated product.

Apart from choosing the Finest litter to conceal the odor, you will find other ways of ridding of this odor including:

After all, no one likes to Have a cat litter box in the home which emits an awful smell, and that is an unpleasant experience both for you and for the cat.

Unlike what many cat Owners think, eliminating (or at least significantly minimizing) the stench that comes from your cat’s litter box does not need to be that hard of a job, nor would you need to break the bank for an out-of-this-world cat litter box that comes with a million and one features you don’t need, only so you can control the odor facet.

To restrict their cat’s litter Box odor, a lot of people often resort to investing in an automatic and self cleaning cat litter box which disposes of the cat’s eliminations straight away and prevents any smell from forming because there is not enough time between your cat’s “potty business” along with the self cleaning procedure this type of product can do by itself.

However, these automatic cat Litter boxes are not precisely the cheapest of products to get a cat owner to buy, and several do not exactly have the funds for them at the begining.

If that is you, then you can try Something that requires a substantially less investment to restrain your cat’s litter box odor, and that is changing the type of cat litter you use and investing in one of the best cat litters for odor control mentioned in the list below.

Consider the Following

You have got plenty of Choices, so think about the following before making your final decision:

  • Scented or Unscented: For some folks, the cat litter scent is too potent, making the odor of this cat urine almost seem like a bouquet of roses.

If you are sensitive to Smells, then ensure you read the label to find out whether it is scented or unscented.  You will want the latter, that remains neutral and enables your home to smell like…your residence!

  • Deodorizer: You might already have a preferred cat litter that both you and your cats feel comfortable with, but the odor is still an issue.

If this is True, Then decide on a deodorizer which can help absorb the further smell when enabling you to maintain your preferred jumble brand.

Check out numbers one and six on our list below if that seems like the right solution for you.

Litter Types

There are various Materials used to make cat litter, and each one has advantages and flaws.

  • Clay-based: You can find clumping and non-clumping clay-based litters.  Clay absorbs liquid well and helps remove odors, but get the clumping mixture to create cleaning the litter box an easier job.
  • Crystals: This can be sand-based and can be good at absorbing liquids and odors, but does not tend to clump too.
  • Natural Materials: Corn is a common material used. However, it is also possible to find litters made from walnut, wheat or newspaper pellets.  This is good for anybody with allergies or who’s sensitive to smells.
  • Washable: Some granules are washable, but you will only buy them for an automated litter box made specifically for them.

Pick of the Litter

What are our favourite choices for cat litter?  Let us go through these below!

1) Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter

Using Arm & Hammer baking soda eliminates bad smells big time.  As soon as the Micro-Granules dampen, they seal in your pets odors — then the baking soda goes to operate.  The particular formulation is certain to keep your home smelling fresh for seven days!  Arm & Hammer has made this mess not only easy-scoopingself-cleaningbut light-tracking also.  There is near zero odor occurring — and your kitty does not walk around smelling like litter!

Imagine this situation.  You’re entertaining a friend who does not

Know yet that you own a cat.  Friend sits on the sofa and is instantly joined by kitty, who springs upward onto the cushion beside your human visitor.  Hilarious that your friend responds ‘as nervous as a cat’ — and both funny he had been caught unaware as a result of NO CAT ODORS IN YOUR HOME!

Then there is the easy-scooping factor that is pleasing, Because of Arm & Hammer clutter clumps extremely nicely.  Tight little groupings of all pooping.  Wet clumps that stick Together and refuse to split apart — even if you own three kitties, and they like to pee in the one spot.

Specifically Designed For Multi Cats: If you have more than 1 cat living with you at home all at once, and you’re searching for something that you can put to use for them all at once, then this kitty litter formula from Arm & Hammer is a strong competitor which you ought to give careful consideration to, as it was made specifically for use by multiple cats at once.

Even in the Event That You have Only One cat In your home, this litter formulation does the job just as well, it’s only that you’ve got the added bonus of this formulation being specifically designed with the additional power in mind for use by multiple cats at once and dealing with all the horrible odor they feel like throwing your way in exactly the same time.

Should you use a sifting litter box, this merchandise clumps and seals Before it hits the pan — therefore that there are never hard clumps on the floor when you go to sift.  It’s difficult to imagine having an easier time cleaning out the litter box!

Arm & Hammer is easy to utilize, causing virtually no dust.  The sole odors to attain your nose, are the ones caused by your kitty being too lazy to spoil the evidence!

This odor-defying litter is superb for your furry friend one-and-only .

Moreover, especially suggested for multi-cat families.


  • Formulated to be totally dust-free
  • Odor removed for one week at a time
  • Secret formula eliminates and clogs odors immediately
  • Clumps as hard as stone
  • Largest-sized litter

2) Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter, Unscented

The clumping capacity of this litter is amazing.  This means it doesn’t become mushy, and lasts for days on end, so it is longer until replacement time.  This product rounds up the urine and faecal matter, absorbing odors better than other manufacturers while leaving the rest of the litter untouched.  Easy to scoop!

Ever Clean is tops for odor control as well — friends who visit say they do not even realize that there are cats in the home!  Neutralizes ammonia fumes, while not smelling nearly as perfume-y as other cat litters.

Moreover, what about those cat owners who have allergies, who often suffer Headaches as well?  With no additional fragrances, Ever Clean Unscented is just what the doctor ordered!

To get a clay mess, the granules are larger than many, and the Dust is under control.  You will not find white-powdered kitty paw prints in  your furniture.

Excels In Odor Control: A lot of different types of cat litter are manufactured and sold in today’s marketplace with unique brands being advocated as the best choices for specific purposes, but in case you’re trying to find the absolute best cat litter for odor control, then Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Cat Litter hands down excels in this section.

Many Ever Clean cat litter Users have reported that as soon as their cats urinate or defecate inside their litter box, the odour is almost eliminated in a matter of mere moments

Unscented: One Of the very first positive things this odor eliminating cat litter option offers is the fact that it is unscented and fragrance-free, a significant thing we discuss in more detail near the end of this article under.

Believe it or not but scents: moreover, fragrances from the kitty litter itself is equally as irritating to the general cat owner inhabitants as much as cat pee smell is, an issue that Ever Cleans properly capitalized on and manufactured a complete smell-free cat litter formula which does its odor removing job just as well.

Properly Clumps And Extremely Easy To Clean: Besides being the absolute best odor removing cat litter on the market today, we love how simple it makes cleaning the cat’s litter box on a daily basis.

  • Even finicky and untrusting cats easily take to the Easy-on-the-paws solution, including the ‘scent’!
  • Strongest clumping action
  • Collects odor and locks it in
  • Fragrance-free formula

3) Fresh Step Extreme Clumping Cat Litter

There is great value in the bag because you get a Whole Lot of litter And it goes a very long way because it could be re-used more occasions compared to other brands.

This cat litter is among the top products for odor control, and Less messy to clean up because it clumps and scoops so well. Fresh Step is particularly great at deodorizing and concealing urine smells. Many cat owners swear by it — and should know — because the litter box is in their bedroom!

With little dust and Only a small odor — cats and their owners love it.

A bonus feature of This fantastic litter choice is the bundle layout! Even with the heavy contents, the zipper-lock shirt and handle make it easy to lift and carry the bag.

Another nice extra for Animal fans is the Paw Points rewards application. You save the codes that you find in the box to make supreme Humane Society donations.

  • Stops bacteria growth inducing the odor
  • Carbon formula consistently rids the area of scents
  • Superior non-clumping clay for odor suppression
  • When your cat steps to the litter box, fragrance is released
  • Odors are consumed through utilization of plant extracts

4) Purina Tidy Cats 4-in-1 Strength Clumping Cat Litter

Every one of Tidy’s patented granules comprises two elements. One half absorbs liquids and odor while the other half instigates the compact clumping action. Most litter you buy uses individual pieces to either clump or combat odor.

Tidy Cats has scientifically created an anti-dust barrier around Every one of these granules. The dust can not escape in the atmosphere, and the litter pours well and cleanly into your cat’s box.

Plus there is an additional amount of odor fighter built in, to Really maintaining an overall freshness in the air. Fecal odor, urine, and ammonia are all neutralized, although the area stays inviting and welcoming to your beloved pet.

Stored for you in a handy jug, simply grab the handle, carry it Over into the box, and poor with ease!

Is your little princess or prince picky when it comes to all Kinds of clutter choices you have tried? Tidy Cats does the trick for even the most finicky of felines!

  • Two plastic jugs, 20 lbs. Each
  • Collects and tames all scents
  • Solid clumping power for cleanup ease
  • Holds moisture within to maintain your cat dry
  • Special odor control formula to get a fresher home
  • Stays dry, even in warm & humid circumstances

5) World’s Best Cat Litter, Quick Cat Clumping Formula

More absorbent than clay litter, every tinkle from your Kitty creates a clump!

There is virtually no dust created to settle on your furniture, And this is a true health benefit to both owner and pet. Your cat will not monitor it about. What dust there is, will maintain bigger particles that gravitate down to the litter box and stay there.


Even though there is a Fantastic Part of litter per weight Dimension, the overall weight feels light, which makes the lugging along with the scooping part of this chore considerably nicer. This also means you do not have to use as much, unlike, for instance, heavier clay-based clutter.

World’s Best feels great running through your hands. Its texture is smooth as silk, which brings a little bit of enjoyment to the event — that knew?

This mess possesses a mild lavender fragrance — a Win-win for owners and their feline users, who like it. The experience is pleasant, because of excellent odor masking.

Very Good Odor Control: This Formula from World’s Best Cat Litter is a fierce competitor to our #1 select over from Ever Clean as far as odor control is concerned, and does just as good of a job in removing your cat’s urine or poop smell when nature calls within their litter box in no time.

However, one reason why this World’s Best Cat Litter formula was selected as our #2 option and not our #1 choice is since your kitty’s litter will be inclined to smell a bit unusual for a period before World’s Best does its job and eliminates the odor.

  • Powerful control of odor
  • Rapid clumping action makes cleanup effortless
  • Virtually zero dust
  • A Note About Scented Cat Litter VS Unscented Cat Litter


When it comes to purchasing the Best odor control cat litter you can get your hands on; you are likely to be confronted with the choice of purchasing a scented cat litter variety or an unscented cat litter variety.

So, which one of those two In the event you go with? It truly depends on what you are looking for, what best suits your needs and those of your cat.

Some cat owners Love the litter scent that makes its way around the home, but some find that it only makes the odor of their cat’s poo and pee worse.

When we were to Provide a general Recommendation about this, it is safe to state that the majority of cat owners (and cats too) favor an unscented cat litter assortment as opposed to some scented cat litter variety if you’re looking for the very best cat litter for odor control in particular, since this kind does a much better and better job in restraining the odor of your kitty’s eliminations and relieves you and other household members from fragrance-like smells that are oftentimes more annoying than useful.

Premium quality, odour-fighting cat litter is among the best Purchases you can make for your happy home. Before you poo-poo, the idea, think about this much healthier, more harmonious atmosphere that this investment will inject into your life.


You are bound to have a greater appetite, and your beloved cat, Or the family group of felines, will feel more at ease using constant, continual calmness in the air.

What has been your personal experience with your kitty’s litter leanings?

Please comment below to see if we agree on some of the important Points regarding the very best cat litter for odor management.

Alternatively, perhaps we can air our differences out!

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  • I’ve already been using World’s Best Cat Litter for several decades today. I started off with the “reddish” handbag because I have 5 cats however found it overly cluttered. I changed and now only make use of the “green” tote and I am rather pleased with it. The bits trail on the kitty’s paws but there’s hardly any dust. It’s additionally “septic-safe”. Amazon has got the best price and two day shipping to Prime members.

  • I’ve already been using this mess for approximately ten decades past I enjoy it! I maintain our clutter boxes inside our toilets therefore that it’s washed constantly. No smell! I’ve got a kitty with allergies and also believe this is far better because of her. My cats are pleased with the clean litter boxes.

  • I’ve used this mess for 6-7 decades and only like it. I’ve shifted from the 3 initial type s into this less protein as PetSmart had them. At the current period, Zero Mess Pine Scented may be your item which works the very best within my own household, as I reside in a apartment. The item leaves cleanup litter pans perhaps not really a chore anymore.

  • The corn smell was so far better than the usual terrible odor smell. We then inserted a second kitty into your family members and also it managed two cats readily just as before. I recently ran from it and had to get yet another brand within an urgent situation, it had been horrible, the odor had been intense as well as the mess was in very tiny bits all across the area. The store re-stocked and I shall never do this again.

  • Have you ever taken notice of just how often aday your kitty licks her toenails? I’m great that I am not exposing her into clay or some other other indigestible mess. The environmentally responsible option. Thank you World’s Best for this a wonderful alternative!

  • Rarely I find services and products that live around promotion claims – that this system really does. No turning back for me personally … or even Isabella my fur kid!

  • I originally tried World’s Best because I had a voucher, and now I wont work with other things. There’s NO urine odor in any way, and a few of its amazing benefits is that I can flush out the waste down the toilet. The cats took to it straight a way. I educate every cat owner I match just how lovely it really is, and encourage them to take to it to themselves.

  • I’ve dust allergies and had a mess which was NOT a pellet. I’ve tried walnut, hay, and bud however World’s Best gets got the smallest dust. I state low fructose however I can’t find any dust and don’t have any reaction. I was utilizing the reddish ‘multiple kitty’ bag. 1 afternoon the store had been outside thus purchased the green tote along with my 2 boys think it’s great.