Blunthead Tree Snake Facts and Pictures

Because the identify suggests, the Blunthead Tree Snakes are characterised by their comparatively giant head with a blunt tip. These arboreal snakes have a slender physique, and are nocturnal by nature. They’ve rear fangs and are mildly venomous; nevertheless, they don’t seem to be thought-about harmful to people.

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia
Order Squamata
Genus Colubridae
Species I. cenchoa
Scientific Identify Imantodes cenchoa

Different Names Fiddle-string snake, mapepire corde violon
Size As much as 1.5 m (four ft 11 in)
Coloration Reddish brown longitudinal blotches upon a white base
Distribution Mexico, Central America, and South America
Habitat Favor cooler and humid areas just like the moist forests and rainforests; additionally present in low vegetation reminiscent of espresso timber or bromeliads
Food regimen Small reptiles like lizards, amphibians reminiscent of toads and frogs, in addition to different reptile eggs
Venom Reality Mildly venomous
Breeding Season Through the wet seasons
Clutch Measurement 2-Three eggs (common)
Mode of Copy Oviparous

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