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November 14, 2017
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Complete Guide To The Adorable Ragamuffin Cat Breed

Complete Guide To The Adorable Ragamuffin Cat Breed

Welcome To Your Complete Guide To The Adorable Ragamuffin Cat Breed!

Ragamuffin cats are as cute as their name.

Known for their thick, luxurious coat and friendly disposition, these are beautiful and playful companions.

They are also known to be extremely loving and affectionate.

To find out more about this popular breed, read on!

This complete guide to the Ragamuffin cat breed will offer information on the cat’s personality, health, history and more.

You’ll find out how to find Ragamuffin kittens, Ragamuffin cat colors and what to ask Ragamuffin cat breeders.

This is where you’ll find all the facts to help you decide whether a Ragamuffin cat is right for your household.

What is a Ragamuffin cat?

A Ragamuffin cat is a breed of domestic cat, first recognised as a separate breed in 1994.

Prior to that, Ragamuffins were lumped in with Ragdolls, their parent breed that was created by California breeder Ann Baker in the 1960s.

Ragamuffins were created by breeding out Ragdolls with other long-haired domestic breeds.

Today they are prized for their sweet temperament, expressive eyes and beautiful fur.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) gave the breed full championship status in 2011 and now it wows crowds in cat shows around the world.

Breed Information 
Popularity (2014)#32
Other namesNone
Origin United States
Life span12-16 years
Lap CatYes
WeightMale: 12 - 20 poundsFemale: 8 - 15 pounds
Kitten PriceAverage $800 - $1000 USD
Breed Characteristics
Adaptability5 stars
Dog Friendly5 stars
Child Friendly4 starsGood With Others: It is usually good with everyone and can be very affectionate towards them.
Energy Level3 stars
Affection Level5 stars
Health Issues1 starsGenerally Healthy: It doesn't have as many known illnesses and conditions as other cats. Best for owners who do not want to worry about long-term medical costs.Hypoallergenic: No
Intelligence5 stars
Grooming3 starsModerate Maintenance: Regular grooming is advised to keep its coat in good shape. It stimulates circulation, massages the skin, and removes debris and loose hair.
Stranger Friendly3 stars
Shedding4 starsConstant Shedding: Shedding will occur often for this cat breed. It is suggested to brush and comb its coat regularly to reduce the risk of it developing hairballs. Be prepared also to vacuum often.
Vocalization1 starsLow Vocalization: It is known to be quiet. Therefore, owners shouldn't be concerned of excessive and undesirable crying or meowing, especially at night.
Social Needs5 stars

Ragamuffin cat personality

Ragamuffins are one of the most sweet-natured cat breeds.

Thanks to their docile and cuddly personality, Ragamuffins are often described as teddy bear cats.

Ragamuffins love to shower their owners with affection, and get plenty of petting in return.

Ragamuffin cat temperament

Ragamuffins are the ultimate people pets, forming strong bonds with their families.

They are brilliant with children, being calm, patient and ready to play.

And Ragamuffins are also generally fine with other animals.

Given their trusting nature, Ragamuffins should be kept indoors and not allowed to stray.

They are an intelligent breed. Some owners have even reported teaching them tricks.

Ragamuffins have been known to play ‘fetch’ and ‘beg’.

Ragamuffin cat weight

Typical Ragamuffin cat size can vary. But generally males weigh 12 to 20lbs and females 8 to 15lbs.

They are a medium to large-sized breed with a stocky body and substantial bone structure.

According to the CFA breed standard, both females and males are muscular with broad chests and shoulders.

Ragamuffin cat colors

Ragamuffin coats come in all colors and patterns.

There is a lot of variation within the breed – making them very unique. Some have white markings, while other coats are one solid color.

You can even have a black Ragamuffin cat, a white Ragamuffin cat and a black and white Ragamuffin cat all from the same litter.

It’s also possible to have an orange Ragamuffin cat. Other coat colors include chocolate, lilac and fawn.

The Ragamuffin’s coat is one of its most striking features.

With thick, medium-long hair, this is a cat with a very plush coat. It’s similar in feel to a rabbit’s fur and, despite its length is relatively low maintenance.

A Ragamuffin cat’s fur is unlikely to clump or mat, and is smooth and soft.

Ragamuffin cat health problems

Unfortunately health issues can arise in any purebreed cat.

The Ragamuffin, however, is considered generally healthy, with no reported genetic diseases.

If buying from a breeder, they should be able to provide information on the cat’s genetic history and health. Be sure to ask about any potential issues before purchase.

As standard, breeders should screen for Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). HCM causes the heart muscle to thicken and is the most common cause of heart disease in cats.

The Ragdoll cat, precursor to the Ragamuffin breed, has shown a tendency towards HCM [1].

Luckily, you can diagnose the condition with a simple DNA test, so breeders are able to screen for the disease and limit it from litters.

Ragamuffin cat eye problems

There is no evidence to show that the Ragamuffin breed is prone to eye disease.

However, it helps to be aware that the breed’s genetic cousin, the Ragdoll, commonly suffers from Feline Mucopolysaccharidosis.

This is a condition which can affect the connective tissues around the eye. [2]

Thankfully cats can be screened for this disease so don’t be afraid to ask your breeder if you’re concerned.

Ragamuffin cat life expectancy

Ragamuffin cats are fully mature at four years of age and enjoy a long life expectancy.

As is common with indoor cats, most Ragamuffins live between 12 and 16 years

Ragamuffin cat price

Purchasing a pet is a big commitment, and sometimes it’s worth spending top dollar.

If you see a price that’s too good to be true, it probably is. Less reputable breeders will try to sell you a bargain, without investing in the necessary health checks and pedigree certification.

So what should a Ragamuffin cat cost?

And how much do Ragamuffin kittens cost?

It varies. Expect to pay around $800 to $1000 for a kitten, but much less for an adult.

The Ragamuffin kittens price should include health certificates, up to date vaccinations and evidence of registered pedigree.

It may also cover microchipping and a ‘starter pack’ of toys and food.

Ragamuffin cat breeders

When buying a pet, it’s crucial to use a reputable breeder.

A reliable and trustworthy breeder will help you choose the best kitten for you, and provide details of its parentage, health history and needs.

You should also be able to visit before purchasing and take the kitten to your own vet for a health check-up.

Ragamuffin kittens

Ragamuffin kittens are curious, playful, bundles of love.

Before you bring your kitten home, it’s important to ensure you are bringing it into a safe, stress-free environment.

Kitten-proof your house by moving all household cleaning products out of reach. Ragamuffins have been known to open cabinets so don’t store them at ground level!

Ensure all open windows are screened, and that the screens are secure.

Safely store any electrical cords, and check that your houseplants are feline-friendly. Some plants, like lillies are dangerous to cats.

When you’re ready to welcome your little furball, introduce them slowly to every member of the family.

They should be supervised when meeting other furry family members, at least until you are sure they have no issues.

Ragamuffin cat rescue

If you’re looking for your own Ragamuffin, breeders aren’t the only option.

Online rescue sites such as Petfinder.com or Adopt-a-Pet.com can help you find Ragamuffin kittens for adoption.

The Ragamuffin Associated Group runs a Ragamuffin cat rescue that links owners with adopters in their state.

And you can also browse Ragamuffins for adoption on rescueme.org

Should I buy a Ragamuffin cat?

If you have a lot of love to give, and a welcoming family environment then a Ragamuffin could be the perfect pet for you.

This cuddly, affectionate and gentle breed is not only the ideal companion, they are also one of the most handsome cats around.

Thanks to their even-temperament, they are comfortable with both kids and other pets. It’s not unlikely to see them playing tea parties with younger members of the family!

But be warned – most owners agree that one Ragamuffin is never enough.

Once you fall in love with this charming cat, you may find yourself shunning all other breeds!

Benefits of Having Ragamuffin Cat at Home

  • With the fame and desirable temperament of this Ragdoll, the Ragamuffin has been bred to offer you a broader assortment of colours and also a larger sized cat strain. As a way to reach the different look of this Ragamuffin, breeders spanned with the Persian, Himalayan, and national longhair to bring about in those magnificent cats. Each of Ragamuffin kittens are born white so that since they age the grow their own distinctive color coat and pattern. Interesting fact: Though these cats possess full fluffy jackets, they simply need weekly dressing because their rabbit-like fur doesn’t matt or moan.

  • Even though Maine Coon will be your most significant domesticated cat strain, the Ragamuffin is certainly up there among the primary cat breeds famous now. Most guys have been 10 15 pounds in adulthood, together with men well over 20 pounds and sometimes even more. Interesting fact: All these cats do not accomplish their entire maturity until they’re approximately 4 yrs of age. Discuss a protracted kitty hood!

  • Out of all of the cat breeds, the Ragamuffin is absolutely among the very relaxed that likes societal interaction from humans inside their own household. When it is really a little child trying to put up them or a grownup, the Ragamuffin is therefore patient and serene that they wont mind in any event. If you are trying to find a stunning and tender, pleasant and cuddly major teddy bear-like kitty, then afterward the Ragamuffin simply will be the right cat breed to you personally!


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