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Best GPS Tracking Collars And ID Tags For Cats

Best GPS Tracking Collars And ID Tags For Cats

Keeping tabs on your pet is crucial, especially if you own a cat. Felines are whimsical and curious creatures, which will stop at nothing once their mind is set on adventures.

They don’t see the world the way we do and when something has a particular appeal to them, they’ll do everything in their power to sniff, touch and lick it. Even if this means climbing on unreachable places or running off in the wild.

Losing your precious cat when it’s roaming your yard or taking a walk on a leash in the local park is devastating, to say the least. Unfortunately, even cats kept strictly indoors can run away and get lost.

Fortunately, there are tons of pet supply manufacturers specializing in GPS tracking collars and ID tags. Unlike the ordinary collars and tags, these ones are way more efficient. You can use them to track down your furry pal’s location, movements and even its activity levels. Some of them even come with contact placement options in case your kitty gets lost and a good Samaritan wants to return it.

Of course, GPS tracking collars and ID tags are a bit pricier than their ordinary counterparts. But shouldn’t your pet’s safety come as a priority?

Fortunately for you, we’ve done our homework. We’ve put together a list of efficient, reliable and functional GPS trackers for cats. They aren’t overpriced good-for-nothing products imported from China and they actually provide comfort and safety regardless of how adventurous your cat is feeling.

The best tracking collar

The greatest advantage a tracking collar holds over a tracking tag is the fact that it’s not a tiny pendant which can break off. Of course, most pet parents out there want to stick to ID tags when it comes to tracking. But if you’re one of those owners who wish to explore their options, here’s the best one on the market.

Link AKC smart collar


Originally designed for dogs, Link AKC’s smart collar is also suitable for some cat breeds. It won’t fit on smaller felines, but if your kitty’s neck measures to 9 inches or above, it will do just fine.

It allows you to track down a lost cat, monitor its activity, and even keep vet records for on-the-go access. Moreover, it has built-in lights, which you can turn on and off remotely for extra safety during nightfall. On top of that, it also features options for ambient temperature alerts for training and safety purposes. It also comes for various sizes of cats i.e. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Available for iOS and Android devices, this collar requires Link AKC membership. The cheapest monthly plan starts from $6.95 and one of the numerous benefits you get with the company’s plans is 24/7 pet poison helpline for first aid emergencies.

The app shows 3 types of location reports – With You, Away and Near The Base Station (comes with the package). You can even link multiple collars to the app, which is an ideal option for multi-cat households.

The best tracking ID tags

When it comes to electronic ID tag trackers, there are two types of tags on the market. The first one is a buckle-like clasp, which you can attach to a collar. The other is a basic hanging pendant similar to ordinary ID tags, which are dangling from the collar. Here are the best choices for both types.

Whistle 3 GPS tracker


Whistle 3 GPS Tracker is among the top-rated and best-selling pet trackers on the market. Its price range is actually cheap compared to the quality and the services you’ll get out of the product.

Suitable for cats weighing 8lbs and above, this tracker is waterproof. This means it won’t malfunction if your kitty gets lost and it’s raining outside. Furthermore, its battery lasts up to 7 days when completely charged!

It works on AT&T’s cellular network and sends you e-mail, text message and app notifications whenever your cat sneaks away.

Fully recharging the battery takes only 2 hours and you get notifications whenever the battery is low. What’s more, you get daily activity tracking options to make sure the kitty is well-exercised. This particular feature comes in handy for breeds like the American Shorthair, which are prone to obesity.

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bination of inbuilt cellular + GPS tracking technology, Whistle 3 can track down your feline cat even if it’s located up to 3,000 miles away from you!

Girafus Pro-Track-Tor tracker


If you’re looking for a multiple-pet tracking device, this one is a winner!

Girafus Pro-Track-Tor’s tracker doesn’t require any monthly subscription fees and can track up to 4 felines simultaneously. It comes with a silicon sleeve case for rainy weather and even sends low temperature alerts. The range covers up to 500 meters (1,600 feet) and has a built-in direction indicator.

Ideal for cats of all breeds and sizes, this tracking module weighs only 0.28 oz – with the battery inside!

It also comes with a special Velcro strap, so you don’t need an additional cat collar for it. Moreover, it’s made out of durable, high quality materials, yet it’s so light that it won’t bother your cat.

The only downside to this tracker is that you can’t use a real map with GPS directions. That’s the reason why you don’t have to pay for any monthly subscription plans. Nevertheless, its built-in sensors will navigate you in the correct direction with light and sound pointers even if there’s no clear map to follow.

Dynotag GPS ID tag


Dynotag is a small, lightweight pendant tag with GPS and web enabled QR code option.

It comes in four designs, each of them with different colors and inscriptions. With funny phrases like “Oh, crap, I’m lost” or urging ones like “Help me get home safely”, the designs are made to match your kitty’s temperament.

One of the best features of this smart Dynotag GPS ID tag is its price. It’s affordable even for pet parents on strict budgets, but it still offers high quality performance and provides safety.

The dynotag is made out of stainless steel and it’s super user-friendly. Instead of using apps, the unique QR code option allows you to use the device through web browsers that function on any type of mobile or computer device.

It’s water and impact-proof, it doesn’t require batteries, and has all the information you need on its back. What’s more, it’s only 30mm wide, so your feline cat won’t get tempted to play with it. The tiny size also won’t annoy it to a point where it wants to take it off.

Why should you invest in a GPS tracker?

Getting a GPS tracking collar or ID tag for your cat is essential for your pet’s safety. One of the worst things that could happen is to lose your feline pal due to negligence or accidental escape.

The undying curiosity is one of the reasons for even the laziest and most laid-back kitty to bolt from the safety of your home or from its leash. Fear, depression, hunger, and solitude are other common factors.

Getting a reliable cat tracker not only gives you a peace of mind and a sense of comfort, but it also helps you locate your lost pet if it decides to run away.

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