Cats Caterwauling – Why You Hear Such Loud Noises


Caterwauling as it is called. It is the sound the male cat makes when sexually excited, usually as a prelude to a fight over the favors of a female.

Such wails are really tricky to ignore. In cats that aren’t caterwauling, the time taken is around a quarter hour and it’s a much simpler and not as stressful surgery. Therefore the caterwauling carries on. Medically, this is called excessive vocalization.

If you discover that there isn’t anything physically wrong with your cat then try to find a trigger for those vocalizations. If a cat would like to train within this system, they have to take out martial arts insurance. So far as I’m concerned, all cats ought to be exterminated. Some stray cats might be wild and this may be impossible.

Cats are naturally, and sometimes passionately, interested in the opposite sex and occasionally in substitute displays of affection directed towards people and animals of other species. The female cat, also know as a queen, when in heat, or season begins to rub and purr. As she gets more excited, she may call, paw the ground or rollover. Siamese females are especially vocal. If she is not confined, her loud wails will attract tomcats and she will be surrounded by males fighting for privilege of mating with her. She may mate with just the winning male, or a cat on the sidelines while the winner is still being decided. Or she could mate with a number of males in succession, which may be nature’s way of making sure the female is impregnated.

When the male and the female live together, sometimes the tomcat will pursue the female, courting her for several days, to the exclusion of everything else, including food, until he mates with her.

During the sexual act the female crouches in front of the male who mounts her and grabs hold of the scruff of her neck with his teeth. The male cat then kneads the female’s sides and moves his pelvis in rapid thrusts until ejaculation occurs.

Afterwards, as the male withdraws, the female utters a loud cry. Some think this is a cry of ecstasy because the female is usually ready to mate and will do so soon again. Others think it is a cry of pain because the penis of the male cat is barbed. Scratching of the vagina may also be the stimulation need that begins ovulation. This mating period usually last four to seven days.

Frequently the reason a cat starts yowling at other cats if she’s a female is because she’s attempting to entice a mate. If your cat isn’t usually the meowing fool, be sure that you’re alert for any signals of changing behavior. Voice Reassurance in case the cat sleeps in one area and you’ve got a baby intercom you might attempt setting this up so you can speak to the cat via the intercom. Do not be concerned, as your cat will certainly enable you to know. Inject IM whenever the cat is distracted. For instance, Siamese cats really like to take part in loud conversations.

Wear earplugs in case you have to. In some specific instances, you might locate some blood discharge from the genital area too.

When being mated in artificial circumstances, things may not go as smoothly as you would think. Some females take a great dislike to the male you have presented her with and uses her claws to defend herself. On the other hand males, because they are away from their familiar surroundings may be impotent.

Gestation period is about 65 days from copulation. There is usually no sign for the first four weeks, then, there is usually a slight swelling of the nipples, which become a deeper pink. By the sixth or seventh week there should be noticeable bumps and a fullness of the side of the female that is generally unmistakable.

Although it may be an exciting time if your cat is going to have kittens, you will be unwittingly adding to the tremendous problem of unwanted cats. There are so many kittens born every day, it is impossible to find responsible homes for them all. The chances of your kittens dying at an early age are very high. Every day thousands of cats and kittens are put to sleep by animal rescue societies. If you think that letting a cat fend for itself will ensure its survival you are greatly mistaken… Feral cats are lucky to live to their second year. Starvation and disease will surely finish off those not killed on the roads. The only way to stop this tragedy is to have your animals spayed or neutered. Please do not think it is cruel to have this done, not only will you contribute to responsible pet ownership, your own animal will be much healthier.

Why do male cats caterwaul?

Caterwauling and random meowing often occurs at night. The loud, sometimes distressing, sound is a mating call. Doesn’t sound romantic to you, but it does catch the attention of other cats. A caterwaul is the cry of a cat in heat.

What does Caterwaul mean?

An angry (or amorous) cat can make a lot of noise. As long ago as the mid-1300s, English speakers were using caterwaul for the act of voicing feline passions. … English’s first caterwaul was a verb focused on feline vocalizations, but by the 1600s it was also being used for noisy people or things.

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