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Christmas Gifts For Cats in 2017
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Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box – Honest Review 2017

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box - Honest Review 2017

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box / Omega Paw’s Roll’ N Sterile is a litter box that functions on a roll-and-sift foundation. Rather than manually scooping the clumps of feces and urine, Omega Paw’s merchandise does it to you. To put it differently, it cleans itself so that you won’t need to manage the filthy stuff.

The litter box functions In an easy manner. All you need to do is roll up the box above to both sides of this waste container. The clumps of squandering have sifted into the container so as soon as you roll back the box to its first place, just the clean litter is going to be left behind. From there on it is simple to drain the garbage container to the garbage with no manual scooping.

This Specific method not just Spares you from digging from the waste out of a typical litter box, but also, it saves you money since you don’t need to throw off clean litter together with the scoops. And most of the cat owners understand how pricey clutter refills might be.

Among the Most Well-known cat litter box on the internet, and Can Also Be among the best selling. It’s the best mixture of an inexpensive and automatic method of eliminating the poo.

We believed we would dig a bit deeper and Discover How great and dependable it Is, therefore we can provide you the most comprehensive review.

It is very important to note that the Omega Paw Self-cleaning litter box isn’t an automatic shut-off unit.

The Roll’ N Clean can Not be completely automatic, but it is still more expensive than the typical litter box. In addition to this, it is very cheap even for pet owners, that can not afford to commit a small fortune to some brand new left-wing litter box.

Omega Paw Self-cleaning Litter Box Review

When we Discuss automatic cat litter boxes, They’re automated Using a motor and machine. This doesn’t have this, what it’s is a smart design which helps keep the litter box clean and accumulate the poo at precisely the same moment.

This is essentially how it works.

It will require some effort and that Is the Reason Why I cannot think about it entirely Automated but semi-automatic.

What exactly does Omega Paw Roll n Clean do nicely?

Its layout functions well in normal conditions and with minimal exertion and maintenance. Utilizing the proper clumping cat litter for this particular litter box may last you for several years. Also, remember there are lots of distinct kinds of boxes out there on the sector, and you can find all of the litter boxes here.

  • It Is Made up of pullout tray, Where the cat poo gets accumulated for simple Disposable when keeping not spoiled cat litter complete.
  • Because It is so easy to Keep and spacious, It’s Perfect for large cats and Families with numerous cats.
  • Also if your cat enjoys enclosed space to perform its business, your cat will adore It for the coated area.
  • You may love it to the very fact that it helps control odor, and that it’s Simple to wash and maintain.

You Will Have to use Clumping or silica mess in this box. If you roll it vertically, the clutter moves through the special display which lets the blank litter pass and grabs the clumped issue. When you return the box to its regular place, this waste is accumulated from the spade, and the wash clutter contributes to the bottom of this device. Now all you want to do is eliminate the spade, empty it from the bin, and then put in a tiny bit of additional litter to the box.

This process can be Repeated as frequently as needed so you will have the ability to keep the litter box clean however many cats are utilizing it. The design also decreases the quantity of dust that’s accumulated and ensures that foul scents are kept to a minimal. You never wind up throwing clean clutter off, which means you will not have to substitute anywhere near as much as you would with a conventional litter box.

I like how easy this Product is to utilize, and customer testimonials on Amazon agree. Some questions about the standard of building happen, but it includes a one-year warranty just in case you have some difficulties.

If You’re Searching for An easy-to-use and low-cost merchandise to create cleaning your litter box less of a chore, then that one is a good one to think about. It saves on the quantity of litter you use, is mobile, and comprises the nastiest odors.

Apart from That the afore-mentioned three advantages of this Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box, you will find a few more, that come in useful:

  • Privacy Tool
  • Neatly hidden pull-out waste container
  • two dimensions — moderate and large
  • Many color options
  • Light-weight building

The two dimensions of The litter box are all intended to match cats of all strains. The bigger one is well-suited for multi-cat families. What is more, the more lightweight structure makes it a lot easier to roll up the box when you want to sift the garbage out of the clean litter.

Many Self-cleaning litter boxes do not arrive with a solitude hood. This is sometimes problematic for some bashful furballs. However, they will not have some privacy problems using Omega Paw’s merchandise.

Furthermore, You may pick between several neutral colors, including black, white, beige, ivory, etc. The slick design and the further color schemes are fantastic attributes, which lots of additional self-cleaning litter boxes do not offer. And finally, the cost is certainly a winning standard, particularly for pet parents on a strict budget.


The device seems laborious and bulky. In addition to this, you want to have additional free space for it to be able to have the ability to collect it. If the roll-and-sift technique would not function and there will not be some purpose in investing in that box rather than at a typical litter box.

However, it Includes a solitude hood, which can be very neat. Moreover, it is also helpful for bashful kitties. What’s more, it comes with a slick design and comes equipped with various color choices, all of which can be in neutral colors. That is a big plus in comparison with the majority of similar goods available in the marketplace since the neutral colors are easier to fit many home décor designs.


The large Sharks from the self-cleaning litter box market normally charge $50+. However, you can Find the Omega Paw Roll’ N sterile unit for approximately $30 from Amazon. Additionally, note that lots of similar goods do not arrive with solitude hoods and they are not designed to maintain hoods, and that means that you can not just purchase an extra enclosure and anticipate it to match.


The device Is not fully automatic, and you still need to perform a little manual work. Nevertheless, the authentic automatic shut-off litter boxes will probably cost you $100 — $300, particularly if you’re on the lookout for a great one. So, about preventing you by scooping or wasting cash on an automated equipment, Omega Paw’s merchandise matches the efficacy quota.

Additionally, it Prevents spills if your kitty is currently digging around. And it is also effective concerning stressing the waste out of your clean litter. Therefore, you will not need to squander money on throwing off the unused litter.

It is not Efficient for exceptionally huge cats (approximately 18lbs and much more) that are afflicted by intestinal difficulties. Enormous furballs are going to have small problem should they will need to turn around a few times until they finally select the perfect place to perform their company.

Can the Omega Paw handle smelly cat odor?

The Omega Paw handles odor exceptionally well; you will find not any Elaborate filters required for this particular unit. Rather the hooded layout of this Omega Paw seals the odor interior of its hooded enclosure preventing musty cat odor being emitted to the surrounding areas of your house or apartment.

Following the cleaning procedure has been finished the waste is Trapped within an atmosphere tight waste receptacle. The garbage receptacle is devised in such a manner that the waste container slides out in a draw such as style, allowing easy access for the disposal of the cats squander.

It is really simple to clean and run the Omega Paw, all you need to do is roll up the whole litter box onto its side, and that is it, no manually scooping or getting your hands dirty, the wise layout does the remainder in creating the disposal procedure as painless as possible.


  • Self-cleansing by manually rolling the device back and forth in a single simple movement
  • Waste is collected from the waste receptacle for painless and effortless disposal.
  • No filters or electricity required.
  • Traps poor cat waste odors and prevents clogs.
  • Ideal for both small and massive cats.
  • Ideal for cat owners with numerous cats.
  • Free Shipping
  • one year guarantee

How can the Omega Paw cat litter box functions?

This unit has a simple 3 step roster and clean system.

  1. After Your cat has completed their company wait before your cat gets rid of the region from having to use the litter pan again.
  2. Just Roll the kitty box before the device is completely upside down and then roll it back into its regular place.
  3. The Used clutter is subsequently trapped to the filter that is then transferred to the receptacle draw.

Only pull out the waste lure and empty the waste receptacle and your task is completed, its that simple.

You will find automatic litter box alternatives that Do the specific same thing, but totally on autopilot with you out needing to lift one finger.


They have priced it nicely for its semi-automatic method and the full structure. For under $30 it was also our number one option for a few of the greatest litter boxes.

As it’s semi-automatic, it doesn’t need any power or makes these humming loud motor sound which most of us despise so much. You save on your energy bill and receive the reassurance.

Its coated structure retains the odor under control but keeps in mind you require decent clumping clay to maintain odor control all of the time.

The waste amassing spade is the best part since possible just gather the poo and place it way in under two seconds and be pleased with it.

As a result of its size, it is excellent for large cats or homes with numerous cats.


As a result of continuous rotating of this box, a number of the plastic may begin to chip off.

Additionally, you may need to bang a few times on the rear of the box to have the clutter to fall in the scoop.

Now that I have raved about the Omega Paw, allow Me to highlight several drawbacks:

  1. The Omega Paw has to be cleaned frequently. Should you neglect to clean out the litter box to get a day too many and a lot of refuse builds up, it’ll float the spade and it will become hard to get the scoop from this Omega Paw and may make a little clutter in the procedure.
  2. It’s too tough to add litter into the Omega Paw. You either need to take out the top (that’s a variety of tabs so that it will not fall open when rolling) or else you need to throw litter to the Omega Paw through the entry way that the cats use. [6] That is not hopeless or even that hard, but it certainly would be nice if there were a doorway in the hood that might be readily opened and might enable you to drop litter in by the very best!
  3. The plastic tabs are of inferior quality. I have not had any fracture, but they simply don’t demonstrate a high caliber of workmanship, using extraneous vinyl on a number of them, demanding matches, etc. When you get it set together, you truly don’t have to take the hood off frequently, but still, a small amount of additional work on this front will make this merchandise “premium.”
  4. It demands a great deal of room. You need to roll up the Omega Paw upside down and back again, and this also requires some substantial space. I would indicate that Omega Paw makes yet another version (more costly) that could “roll in position” and might be utilized in tight areas. The Omega Paw is excellent when you have got the space — but for all those who have space limitations (e.g., particularly flat dwellers), The Omega Paw might not be a feasible choice.
  5. The spade slides outside. Occasionally when I’m rolling up the Omega Paw, the spade will start slipping out — that leads to clutter falling on the ground. Yuck! When there was a knob which held that the spade set up, this is amazing!

I urge that the Omega Paw to:

  • Cat Owners are trying to find a non-scooping clutter solution.
  • Owners With numerous cats.
  • Cat Owners who want to avoid coming in contact with cat litter.
  • Cat Owners were searching for a cheap and easy to use the alternative.

I Don’t advocate the Omega Paw to:

  • If Your cat endures with regular diarrhea.

Apart from a plastic chipping away we thought of the product to be Fantastic for our family and has been functioning well with our cats also.

It’s right under the funding and using a combination of good clumping cat Clutter; this box may become the ideal little toilet for the cat.

What is our verdict about the Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box?

Now that You have read all about the advantages and disadvantages of this item, it is time to ask the last question. In case you purchase it or not?

Truth be Told, the litter box is not innovative, and it isn’t cutting-edge. Once it seems sleek and contemporary, it is really bulky and requires extra free space for cleaning and rolling. It does not have some anti-inflammatory or odor-trapping filters also it does not have any space for these filters. The garbage container is not anti-microbial, and you can not set a waste bag inside to your litter clumps.

On another Hand, it is fairly inexpensive, convenient for large and smaller cats equally, and it provides privacy for bashful kitties. Also, it prevents the cat out of spilling any waste round it as a result of a hooded enclosure. Plus also, it saves you money on refills and spares you in manual scooping.

While trialling this cat box, I was personally amazed on How well this unit done; I truly feel that this specific unit is unique and that I can say with out doubt among the very best manual litter pan goods available on the marketplace. Its incredibly simple to use and needs no extra fasteners or costly supplies to utilize it.

The assembly of this clutter trey was really easy to place Collectively, the Omega Paw comes in 3 big bits and it had been 3 measures to put it together and it had been prepared to go in lest than 5 minutes. The simple hood elimination feature is a great touch also comes in handy in the situation you choose to provide the unit heavy clean, I do recommend giving the litter box great clean at the conclusion of every month only for health functions.

The odor was not a problem with this particular unit. Actually, it managed bad cat Odor well without having any further filters. One of my cats are more likely to having stomach issues and when we had been monitoring the mess pan I discovered that he was experiencing these issues, however, his tender stools were handled smoothly from the omega paw.

What else could I honestly say concerning the Omega Paw?

It is advertised among the finest self cleaning litter boxes on The industry and in my view it certainly lives up to its own Name and a good deal of other cat owners are stating to exactly the identical thing — only click Below for more testimonials.

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