Cats and Christmas Trees: 10 Ways to Maximize Safety & Minimize Mayhem

A ginger cat climbing a Christmas tree.

Ah, the vacations — the cheerful carols, countless plates of festive cookies and brightly coloured packages beneath the Christmas tree. Ahh, proper, there’s the tree. These of us who share our houses with felines know “the tree” isn’t just “the tree.” It’s an enormous scratching submit with branches for climbing, a water bowl and an countless provide of dangling toys! In different phrases, some cats see a Christmas tree as the last word cat toy. Look what Santa introduced me! The difficulty with Christmas timber is that they current some critical threats to our kitties. Listed here are a couple of options for preserving your Holly Jolly Christmas protected and enjoyable for each two- and four-legged relations.

1. Act as in case your Christmas tree is not any massive deal

Climbing the tree is simply one of many many risks / mishaps when it comes to cats and Christmas timber. Images ©tilo | Thinkstock.

Cats are naturally curious, so bringing a tree into your own home gained’t go unnoticed. Earlier than including all of the enjoyable, dangly objects, why not let it stand au naturel for a day or two? As soon as the novelty wears off, your kitty will not be so inclined to do some vacation swatting.

2. Make your Christmas tree unappealing to your cat

It’s pretty protected to assume that kitty in all probability gained’t need to relive an disagreeable expertise. If she has a penchant for biting pine needles or chewing branches, it’s your decision to attempt a bitter spray (discovered at most pet shops and on-line) as a deterrent. Needles, if ingested, may cause harmful — and typically lethal — intestinal blockages. Though reside timber extra simply shed their needles, those from synthetic timber can show simply as dangerous.

One other means to maintain kitty away from the tree is to place foil or double-sided tape on prime of the skirt. These are each textures that many cats keep away from, and they might act as efficient deterrents.

three. Don’t give cats entry to Christmas tree water

When it comes to cats and Christmas timber, some kitties are attracted to the water reservoir of stay timber. They assume it’s a watering gap positioned there particularly for them! The difficulty is, the water might include components and fertilizer, which might be poisonous to cats. Even when the tree is fertilizer free, dangerous micro organism may develop within the reservoir. Foil to the rescue once more! As a safeguard, wrap a sheet of foil round open areas of the container. 

four. Minimize down on a few of the risks by selecting a Christmas tree that’s synthetic

There’s no temptation with Christmas tree water when you’ve got a man-made tree. Though reside timber extra simply shed their needles, those from synthetic timber can show simply as harmful, as do the lights and ornaments that adorn each. Moreover, most trendy Christmas timber are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is poisonous to animals and people alike.

5. Cease your cat from knocking the Christmas tree over

Kittens and cats with wild spirits have been recognized to take down complete Christmas timber. In case your cat manages to topple your tree — or just as a safety measure — contemplate tethering the tree to the wall and/or ceiling. It might look like a drastic transfer, however it can maintain your tree vertical.

6. Keep away from mishaps with cats and Christmas tree lights

To keep away from electrocution, all the time unplug your tree lights if you go to mattress or when you’re away from residence. Sharp kitty tooth and stay electrical cords don’t combine. In case your cat is a continual cord-chewer, skip the lights altogether.

7. Nix using tinsel

Many people grew up draping tinsel from the branches of our vacation timber. Tinsel — or angel hair — is a serious hazard when it comes to cats and Christmas timber since it might trigger deadly intestinal obstructions. Depart it off your ornament to-dos.

eight. Cat-proof your Christmas tree ornaments

A kitten playing with a glass ornament on a Christmas tree.

Acquired breakable or souvenir ornaments? Hold them out of your cat’s attain! Images ©suemack | Thinkstock.

Cling your heirloom ornaments on the prime of the tree and maintain the sturdier ones towards the underside — or just keep away from hanging something on the decrease tree branches. In case your kitty manages to knock a breakable bauble onto the ground, she might wind up consuming or stepping on the damaged items. Why not merely keep away from this potential hazard?

9. Present your cat with a distraction from the Christmas tree

In case your kitty is actually loopy for the Christmas tree, easy distractions could possibly be a simple answer. Save particular toys for the vacations and even introduce a number of new packing containers. We hear cats have a factor for packing containers.

Daniel Quagliozzi, Cat Conduct Marketing consultant at Go, Cat, Go! says, “The basic point is surrender to the fact that you have brought in something any cat would be excited about, and adjust accordingly or redirect your cat into more compelling activities, like food puzzles.”

10. Make your Christmas tree troublesome on your cats to attain

Chances are you’ll end up constructing a barricade across the tree, Les Miz-style — besides with child gates. This may increasingly or might not hold your cat away from their goal. You realize your cat higher than anybody else, so construct away if that seems like an applicable answer.

If kitty is totally decided to get her paws on the tree, bypassing all foil sheets and barricades, maybe a door wants to stand between the cat and the tree. Or, perhaps it’s time to skip a tree and hold a wreath on the entrance door as an alternative.

Inform us: How do you are feeling about cats and Christmas timber? How do your cats react to them? What horror tales do you could have? What are your ideas for cats and Christmas tree security?

This piece was initially revealed in 2017.

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