Orijen Cat Food Reviews & Recall

The Orijen cat food brand name was created in Alberta, Canada and thats exactly where its still produced and produced to this particular day. While the business has just been around for twenty five yrs, Orijen has rapidly created a name for itself as among the best pet food brands in the planet. The thing that makes Orijen cat food products distinct from some other commercially created pet food items is actually the company s dedication to their Whole and appropriate Biologically Prey philosophies. Orijen uses just new, regional ingredients and steam-cooking technology is utilized by them to sustain the health integrity of those components. The entire Prey philosophy involves incorporating marrow, cartilage, organs, and fresh meats into pet food items to make sure biologically appropriate nutrient ratios created especially to meet the food requirements of cats in all the life stages.

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List of Best Orijen Cat Food Products

Orijen Six-Fish Freeze-dried Cat Treats 1.25 Oz

Price: $9.49

Price Disclaimer

Orijen Six-Fish Freeze-dried Cat Treats 1.25 Oz

Price: $9.49

Price Disclaimer

Orijen 6 Fish Cat, 12 oz

Price Disclaimer

Orijen Orijen Cat Treats Lamb Freeze Dried, 1.25 oz

List Price: $8.29

Price: $8.29

Price Disclaimer

Orijen 6 Fish – 5 lb

Price: $109.00

Price Disclaimer

Orijen Acana Regionals Wild Atlantic for Cats, 12 oz

Price Disclaimer

Who Manufactures Orijen Cat Food?

The Orijen cat foods brand is now owned as well as made by the Champion Petfoods organization. Orijen was created in 1985 in Alberta, Canada though its since spread across the globe, now being offered in over seventy different countries. The Orijen brand is actually widely known not just for the the products of its, but because of its biologically appropriate formulations that are created to imitate the natural diet of cats that are wild and dogs. All of Orijens items are actually made in the companys privately owned, award winning kitchens put in Morinville, Alberta. These facilities are used solely for the generation of the Acana and Orijen brands the business doesnt outsource any of its creation to various other businesses. The sole exception to this principle is actually for Orijens freeze dried meals that are created solely in a brand new generation facility centrally located in Oakville, Ontario.

Orijen Cat Food Recalls 2017

Orijen items are actually known globally for the quality of theirs and also the Orijen pet foods brand name has received more awards than another pet foods manufacturer. As a testament to the brand s quality, there has just been a recall in the story of the brand. This particular recall taken place in November of 2008 and yes it just affected Orijen cat food items manufactured as well as marketed in Australia. The recall was issued because of to issues with necessary gamma irradiation, a therapy which is never utilized outside of Australia.

In order to show the commitment of theirs to safety and quality, Orijen offers their customers the very first Alert Pet Food Recall plan. This system consists of a team of responsible pet food companies that agree to alert their clients instantly in the occasion of a recall. In order to join the system, only present Orijen with the email address of yours or maybe other contact info. The company additionally agrees to publish any and all info involving voluntary or mandatory recalls for the products of theirs on the brand name site.

All-around Orijen Cat Food Review

The Orijen pet food business recognizes the point that cats are actually carnivores and they model every single one of the products of theirs with that reality in mind. Orijen uses just the freshest, organic ingredients in the products of theirs and theyre meticulously sourced from regional vendors to guarantee quality as well as health integrity. When developing the products of theirs, Orijen uses a Biologically Appropriate philosophy and that hinges on the concept that modern cats are currently built as the ancestors of theirs as well as, as a result, they must eat as they did. This means a high protein diet made up of marrow, cartilage, organs, and fresh meats supplemented with fresh fruits and low-glycemic carbohydrates and veggies.

When it comes to the pet food products of theirs, Orijen follows 5 Biologically Appropriate principles. The very first promises that each recipe will include things like no less than 80% nourishing meats, majority of which are actually delivered fresh to their award winning Alberta kitchens on day schedule. The next promise is actually meat diversity which guarantees a multitude of animal proteins as well as cage free poultry, nest laid eggs, free range white meats, and wild caught fish. The 3rd promise is actually meat freshness which guarantees all-natural, unprocessed animal proteins which are just as abundant in flavor that is natural as theyre in nutrients. All of Orijens items are actually guaranteed very low carbohydrate and low glycemic, depending on grain-free and gluten-free carbohydrates as lentils and chickpeas for digestible sources of soluble fiber. Last but not least, Orijen offers to incorporate botanicals, vegetables, and whole fruits in the products of theirs in position of cereal grains.

Orijen offers 3 biologically proper dried up meal formulas: Cat & Kitten, 6 Fish Cat, and Regional Red. Additionally, they provide a line of freeze dried cat treats with includes 5 flavor options. Although many of Orijens merchandise have been nutritionally healthy and loaded with quality, the company not too long ago reformulated the recipes of theirs to make them a lot better. These recipes had been launched in 2016 and they stick to the 80-20-0 formula which guarantees 80% animal proteins; 20 % fresh fruits, veggies, and botanicals; and 0% grains.

The Cat & Kitten formulation is actually created to satisfy the food demands of both cats as well as kittens in a protein rich formula made with cage free chicken and turkey, nest laid eggs, and wild caught fish. The 6 Fish Cat formula is created with an assortment of freshwater as well as saltwater fish as well as Pacific salmon, wild herring, northern pike, wild walleye, and other things. Additionally, it has vegetables and fruits to make sure health balance. The Regional Reddish method is actually created around ranch raised white meats like wild boar, Blackish Angus beef, heritage pork, bison, as well as Alberta lamb. All 3 of the recipes are actually assured to be low-glycemic and low-carbohydrate, focusing instead on nutritious animal proteins as well as fats to satisfy your cats nutritional needs regardless what life stage hes in.

Along with their dry cat foods formulas, Orijen additionally provides a line of freeze dried cat treats. These treats are actually made with 100% organic meats, poultry, or maybe fish without any other ingredients theyre freeze dried to lock in flavor and also health integrity also. The 5 flavor choices on the market are actually Original, Tundra, Regional Reddish, Lamb was Raised by Ranch, and Alberta Wild Boar. Orijen freeze dried cat treats are actually created with exactly the same dedication to nutrition and quality as the majority of Orijens goods and theyre a great complement to their dry cat food offerings.

Unique Recipe Review (Dry) Orijen Cat And Kitten Dry Food Formula

This Orijen Cat And Kitten Dry Food formula is actually one of 3 dry food choices which Orijen is offering for cats. As is actually the case for many of Orijens pet foods items, this particular recipe uses the Biologically Appropriate viewpoint of nourishment that is based on the concept that modern cats continue to be adapted to following the meat based diet of the wild ancestors of theirs. Because cats are actually carnivores, their bodies are actually evolved to process animal products a lot more effectively compared to plant products thats the reason this particular recipe is actually loaded with animal meats as well as fats with limited low glycemic carbohydrate for nutritional balance and fiber. This particular recipe is entirely free from artificial flavors, different colors, and additives as well as it does not include some gluten or maybe cereal grains.

Because this particular Orijen Cat And Kitten Dry Food formulation uses the entire Prey philosophy, you are able to rest assured its abundant in meats that are fresh, cartilage, organs, and marrow and its supplemented with fresh fruits and low-glycemic carbohydrates and veggies. This particular recipe uses Orijens 80-20-0 method, made with 80% fresh beef as well as eggs with 20% fruits, veggies, and botanicals, along with 0% grains or perhaps gluten. A fast review of the ingredients list for this particular recipe reveals that the promises are actually created in truth additionally, it reveals that thiss a high quality commercial cat food that just about any cat will be fortunate to have. Not merely can it be made with quality ingredients, though its significantly greater in protein than most commercial cat food with optimal body fat levels and very low carb content.

The very first component in this particular recipe is actually boneless chicken which, based on the Orijen site, is actually delivered preservative-free and fresh. This particular component is actually a high quality tool of animal proteins but theres one point you need to understand about fresh meats as chicken they have up to 80% water which indicates that when the complete item is actually cooked down to a moisture level of 10% (as per the assured analysis), the real volume of protein which comes from the chicken is going to be much lower. In conventional cat foods, this may be a dilemma, but in the Orijen Cat &Kitten Dry Food formula its not because chicken meal is actually the next component (and 1 of several extra protein sources). Meat meals as chicken meal have actually been cooked down to 10% making them a significantly more very concentrated protein source. In reality, this particular recipe consists of several meat meals including salmon meal, herring meal, and turkey meal and fresh meats like overall herring, boneless walleye, boneless turkey, and entire salmon. Additionally, it has several organ meats including chicken cartilage, chicken heart, turkey liver, and chicken liver .



CATS And KITTENS Actually are Built Like The ANCESTORS of theirs, POSSESSING A BIOLOGICAL Need for A diet Rich And Varied In ANIMAL Protein.

With 40% richly nourishing proteins, and restricted to 19% low glycemic carbohydrates to nourish cats & kittens based on their biological and evolutionary needs.

Free of rendered chicken meals, 1/3 of the meats are actually from dehydrated chicken as well as turkey (air dried at temperature that is low from meat) that is fresh for a concentrated tool of nourishing protein.

Unparalleled by any other meal, 2/3 of the meats are actually Fresh (refrigerated, with no preservatives) or perhaps RAW (flash frozen, with no preservatives), like the top ten meat ingredients.

Nutrient-dense WholePrey proportions of fresh meats, organs, and cartilage in addition fresh whole eggs and fresh whole fish offer a natural source of practically every nutrient your cat must have.

Infusions of gently freeze dried liver improve palatability and flavor normally, making ORIJEN deliciously delicious, quite possibly for picky eaters.

Is your CATS Food BIOLOGICALLY Appropriate?

Cats are actually hunters and, the same as the wild cousins of theirs, the teeth of theirs, digestive system and jaws are actually many adapted for meat concentrated meal plans which are actually abundant in meats that are fresh and beef diversity. Biologically Appropriate cat ingredients mirror the organic diet and answer three meat questions

Three Ingredients of Orijen Cat Food

CHOLINE, ZINC And COPPER In nature presently there are actually no artificial supplements, therefore cats derive their total food requirements obviously by eating entire animals, and they have all of the nutritional requirements they have to thrive.

That is exactly why you will not find longer lists of artificial supplements in ORIJEN cat meals. Packed with richly nourishing proportions of new chicken, cartilage and organs plus new entire fish as well as whole eggs, ORIJEN has a natural source of practically every nutrient the cat of yours or perhaps kitten requires to thrive.

Nourish AS Nature INTENDED

Although they might appear various, your cat shares the DNA of her and eating structure with the near eastern crazy cat, meaning shes taken for a diet rich as well as mixed in meat not high glycemic sugars and grains.

Meat And Protein RICH

Made with 90% premium meats ingredients, ORIJEN includes a Biologically Appropriate protein amount of 40% which directly replicates the natural feline diet plan.


Each ORIJEN morsel is actually infused with freeze dried meats as well as liver (prepared in our extremely own freeze dry kitchens) and is actually bursting with the organic savory flavors that almost all cats love.

Rich in FATS that are HEALTHY

Animal fats are actually important for the cats peak overall health. That is the reason why ORIJEN Cat & Kitten functions naturally occurring, non rendered fat from new chicken, fish & egg ingredients.

Orijen Cat Food Six Fish

Fresh saltwater fish are actually a Biologically Appropriate method of EPA and DHA, which are actually important for your cats nervous and immune systems. EPA and DHA are not readily available from plant sources, like flax, sunflower or coconut.


Your cats natural diet plan contains very few, if any carbohydrates. That is why ORIJEN is actually free of high glycemic ingredients as tapioca and potato, as well as has much less than half the sugars of typical cat foods.

Orijen Cat Food Feeding Guide

The cat of yours or perhaps kitten is different and the feeding requirements of her are going to vary with his activity, age, and environment.

That is the reason we recommend to start with the manuals below, and then checking the weight of his and adjusting parts as necessary. Feed twice every day and remember constantly to stay new, fresh water available.

By giving more energy from fat and protein (and a lot fewer from carbohydrates), ORIJEN Cat

Orijen Dry Cat Food Review:

Beginning with entire prey foods, fresh meats are used by Orijen, cartilage and organs, decreasing the demand for nourishing cats and synthetic ingredients as well as kittens as nature intended. To further mirror the organic diet, Orijen includes a biologically ideal ratio of 80% meat, 20% fresh fruits and veggies, along with 0 grain (80.20.0). Orijen foods also provide nourishing marrow, cartilage, tripe, and liver.

Packed with the richly nourishing meat ingredients all cats have to thrive, Orijens award winning low carbohydrate, low glycemic formula supports good blood sugars for optimal body and peak health weight.

With each morsel additionally infused with freeze dried meats as well as liver, Orijen cat foods are actually bursting with healthy savory flavors that almost all cats love.

Made in Canada, Orijen ingredients are actually ready in the companys very own award winning kitchens. In order to guarantee quality, Orijen kitchens, ingredients, foods and processes should meet probably the strictest European Union standards. Suppliers are actually accredited as well as audited by the Government of Canada and also the United States Department of Agriculture.

At all stages of preparation and production, Orijen uses both Good Manufacturing Principals an international method for the management as well as management of producing and quality tests of food, and Critical Control and hazard Analysis Point Analysis (HACCP)? an internationally recognized and systematic preventive strategy to food safety. Orijen additionally monitors its suppliers as well as division partners.

Meat ingredients are actually created solely from creatures classified as match for man consumption. All fresh meats, which includes chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, beef, pork, wild boar, bison as well as lamb are actually raised locally in devoted, federally authorized amenities. And Orijens fresh regional ingredients come across the AAFCO characterization of new, where refrigeration is the only form of theirs of upkeep? no chemicals, without heat, without freezing!

Prepared with local and fresh ingredients in award winning kitchens, Orijen keeps the cat of yours or perhaps kitten strong, healthy, and happy. Read the ingredients and we believe you will agree!

Besides the numerous protein energy sources included in this particular Orijen Cat and Kitten Dry Food method, additionally, there are a number of sources of quality animal fat. Chicken liver oil is actually the very first fat described and its implemented by chicken fat. Neither of the components most likely sound appetizing for you, but animal based fats are really crucial in a cats diet plan. Not merely are fats by far the most highly concentrated supply of power readily available in order to cats, though they also help to market skin and coat health as well as to help your cats immune system. The fresh meats, various meats dishes, and organ meats possess some animal fat too.

After fat sources and the protein mentioned for that Orijen Cat

Overall, this particular Orijen Cat & Kitten Dry Food formulation features a guaranteed evaluation as follows 😕 Crude Fat (Min)? 20%

Crude Protein (Min) 42%

Calcium (Min) 1.4%

Omega 6 Fatty Acids (Min) 3.5%

Crude Fiber (Max) 3%

Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Min) 1.2%

EPA (Min) 0.4%

Calorie Content 500 kcal/cup

Moisture (Max) 10%

DHA (Min) 0.7%

Phosphorus (Min) 1.1%

Magnesium (Max) 0.09%

Taurine (Min) 0.25%

This system meets the AAFCO food demands for cats in all the life stages, although the feeding guide varies somewhat according to the cats size and age. Based on the feeding guide for this particular item, adult cats weighing six to nine pounds must be fed 3/8 to? cup of this particular food every day. This might seem like a tiny amount in comparison with other industrial cat food items though its essential to keep in mind that this Orijen Cat Food is best.

Orijen Regional Red

The Regional Red formula of Orijen is one of the dry cat food granules available on the industry. It is made up of heaps of ingredients out of vegetables and meat.

Boar, lamb, steak, sausage, pork, beans, peas, and carrots are the primary ingredients in the kitty food. Full of natural flavours, protein and taste that is fantastic, these kibbles arent just healthy, but yummy. Outside of the simple fact that they provide nutrition, ingredients diversity is what creates Regional Red outstanding.

The materials are all manufactured to match with your cats dietary requirements all concerning red meat, plus so they recreate the variety.

Whats amazing about Regional Red could be liver, beef liver, boar liver and also poultry liver, most of which can be packed with Vitamin-A, in addition to the fact that it supplies various authentic beef. Vitamin A is amongst the vitamins for almost any cat outside there since you probably understand. The prosperity of vegetables at the formula guarantees that a balanced diet for the pet.

Last, however, the Regional Red show advantage is that it derives calories.

Orijen Cat & Kitten Formula

What causes this show such a winner? To begin with, the recipe will be 100 percent grain-free. In addition, the ingredients are eggs, fish and beef. The food eliminates contents that are harmful while offering a assortment of ingredients.

Natural carbohydrates and poultry meat, liver, heart and kidney, chicken, legumes, legumes, legumes, carrots, Atlantic mackerel, and Atlantic are a few of the nutriments that are notable. Additionally there is plenty of supplements Vitamin A acid, Sodium Selenite, and so on.

Still another expert with the dry cat food formula may be the simple fact that it is acceptable to fulfill a new kittys dietary requirements since its becoming out to be a true kitty and develop into maturity.

Some parents may get the system a little pricey and there is a reason behind it. The on top of protein, vitamins and nutrition series features some thing, which premium cat foods are all currently not lacking. And that is an collection of heaps of ingredients for a balanced and healthful dietplan.

Acana is the version of the other cat meals of Orijen. Less protein will not mean quality.

The formula is composed of oils and beef out of Pollock, and cod, mackerel, mackerel, redfish, hake, catfish. Additionally, it contains dried pumpkin seeds, legumes, beans, sunflower oil, carrots, kelp, and supplements such as minerals and vitamins. This string lacks some artificial flavors, fillers and preservatives.

Wild Atlantic may possibly perhaps not possess salmon and tuna, which can be addictive to 99 percent of feline people, nevertheless the formula boosts health, taste insurance and healthful price.

The diversity of vegetables, fish and oils at the show causes this dry cat food acceptable for usage compared to others of the services and products of Orijen. Why? Its pretty straightforward. There is certainly chances of contributing to obesity fish beef, and not as much protein.

In comparison to Orijen food items, your dry cat food formula comes at the price, but might not offer much more to your furball compared to Acana.

Final Thoughts on Orijen Cat Food

Overall, this particular Orijen Cat & Kitten Dry Food formula seems to provide high quality, protein rich nourishment for cats in all the life stages. The guaranteed analysis on its own is sufficient to check that this particular formula is pretty high in protein (42%) also as fat (20%) though its also extremely small in fiber (3%) the ratios are perfect for cats since theyve a limited power to digest grow products. While the guaranteed analysis just reveals the general protein content of this particular formula, the ingredients list confirms that nearly all of that proteins comes from quality animal based sources. This particular recipe is abundant in quality animal fat with gluten free, grain free carbohydrate choices rather than high glycemic grains. Its as well a bonus this recipe is actually supplemented with chelated minerals for optimum nutrient absorption along with dried fermentation items to allow for good digestion. Overall, thiss a high quality and healthy dry cat food method that just about any cat will be fortunate to receive.

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