Ragdoll Cat with Gingivitis, Ragdoll Kittens and Coat Grooming and Longer Hairs

Ragdoll Cat with Gingivitis

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18-Month Previous Ragdoll Cat with Gingivitis

Christi wrote in:

I follow your Facebook page religiously for entertainment and education about Ragdolls. I was hoping you could reach out to your followers with my situation to see if they have experienced something similar or have advise.
I have Hank who is an 18 month old purebred seal bicolor. I took him to a cats only vet today for his yearly check up. He has red inflamed gums and the vet says it’s gingivitis. She said it’s also unusual for a cat this young to have it. Therefore she suspects it is a hereditary condition and likely his mother or father had it and it was passed to the kittens. She’s concerned that it could be an aggressive form where the bacteria will continue to attack the teeth until they are compromised and fall out. For now I’ve been given an oral topical medicine to rub on his gums daily for the next 30 days. If there is no improvement she wants to do X-rays and a cleaning. If signs of root or nerve damage are present then she recommends to extract all of his teeth. The mere thought has me completely sickened that my precious cat might have to live life without any teeth. I consider myself a nurturing cat Mom who provides the best love, lifestyle and nutrition possible and I am so worried about him.
Any stories or advice would be helpful. I attached his pictures below.

Ragdoll Cat with Gingivitis

And I replied. “Hmmmm. I’m not positive – my cats have gingivitis and I feel Amy’s cats had it that younger – I don’t keep in mind on mine. Looks like a dental may care for it? However that’s the way it works for my cats.

I’ve shared it on our Fb web page -”

New Ragdoll Kittens and Coat Grooming

Paige wrote in: “We have two new Ragdoll babies that were born in late April, 2018. I’ve subscribed to your blog and am anxious to get more information about them. I’ve been a cat owner my whole life, but this is the first time I’ve had long-haired cats, so I’m interested in hearing the best way to take care of their coats. My cats, Teddy and Bella have beautiful coats. Teddy is seal mitted and Bella is a seal bicolor. They are from Dazzling Ragdolls in Finksburg, Maryland.”

Ragdoll Kittens from Dazzling Ragdolls in Finksburg Maryland loved by PaigeRagdoll Kittens from Dazzling Ragdolls in Finksburg Maryland loved by Paige

I replied:

“Hello Paige,

Congrats in your lovely infants!

The very first thing about coats is what they eat – so for those who haven’t learn, please achieve this! Additionally, there are some assets right here that may be useful: Greatest Canned Cat Meals

So far as grooming instruments – I simply launched this weblog submit that could be useful to you: Greatest Grooming Instruments for Lengthy Haired Cats

Please let me know when you’ve got any further questions.


Ragdoll Cat Coat Longer Hairs

I’ve a questions for you/your readers please:

I’ve observed lately that my ragdoll Lani appear to have a bunch of longer hairs on her physique combined in with regular fur. I appeared it up and I feel they’re guard hairs?

Ragdoll Cat Coat Longer Hairs 2Ragdoll Cat Coat Longer Hairs 2
I name it her kitten fluff as a result of she was coated with it extra when she was youthful.

Ragdoll Cat Coat Longer HairsRagdoll Cat Coat Longer Hairs

She’s now a yr and a half and have gotten such quite a lot of fur on totally different elements of her physique! Her legs and paw even have some longer hairs, her ‘mane’ underneath her head could be very crimpy and wispy, and her again fur is a bit stiffer with smoother and straighter bits…

Ragdoll Cat Coat Longer Hairs 3Ragdoll Cat Coat Longer Hairs 3

Ragdoll Cat Coat Longer Hairs 4Ragdoll Cat Coat Longer Hairs 4

Simply questioning if that is the norm for ragdolls to have such several types of hair on totally different elements of their physique? And can she develop out of the kitty fuzz look? (I hope not…). I do know you have already got a video in your cats’ fur, however have the feel/sort of hair modified as they aged?

Additionally don’t you’re keen on these ‘fur crevices’?

Ragdoll Cat Coat Longer Hairs 5Ragdoll Cat Coat Longer Hairs 5

I brush her on a regular basis and she nonetheless get them!


I replied:

Hello AJ,

Sure, that’s simply the grownup coat. I really like the longer hairs – and hate brushes just like the Furminator that cuts and removes these. These longer hairs undoubtedly assist the coat have a sheen.

Sure, it is rather attainable that her coat will proceed to vary via the seasons, as she ages, relying on what she eats and extra. However generally appears like she could have an ideal coat.

I’ve posted it on Instagram and Fb, so you will get extra suggestions, when you’d like:

Please let me know in case you have further questions.


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