Canidae Cat Food Review – Expert Roundup 2017


The Canidae company follows the tagline, “pet-food made by pet people”, enjoying the fact they’re a completely independent, family-owned business. The Canidae Company began like a feed store in Southern California but has become a main manufacturer of premium pet food products. According to the firm’s website, Canidae uses only the maximum quality ingredient in their recipes like fresh meats, poultry and fish in addition to wholesome produce. Canidae sources many of these ingredients in additional independent, family-owned business throughout the country such as for example ranch-raised meats from Wyoming and fresh ore out of France. All Canidae’s services and products are built to provide optimal nutrition for cats in all life phases featuring oyster ingredients like lamb, bunny, and ocean fish as well as digestible carbs such as sweet potatoes, legumes, and berries. They also offer you simple recipes made with a very low amount of premium ingredients for cats with food allergies and sensitivities.

Where is Canidae Cat Food Made?

The Of the most respected brands of top quality dog food. Originally, the title Canidae Has been provided to the new line of pet food services and products while their cat food Products carried the name Felidae. Today, however, both merchandise lines collapse Even Though the Canidae manufacturer is owned by the Canidae Pet Food Corporation, their products are made by Diamond Pet Foods. Most of Canidae’s goods are manufactured at the company-owned Ethos Pet Nutrition

Are There Any Re-calls for Canidae Cat-food in 2017?

Canidae Is somewhat secretive about the very fact that they outsource their production to the Diamond Pet Foods Company. The Canidae web site provides loads of information regarding the Ethos Pet Nutrition centre in Brownwood, Texas, but the website does not mention the fact that operations are controlled by Diamond Pet Foods. However , the Diamond Pet Food Company has been changed by several acute recalls previously, though only 1 of them has influenced the Canidae brand and each the recipes affected were dog food products. Here are the facts about this remember:

  • In May of 2012, the FDA issued a recall for Canidae Dry Dog Food All Life Stages, Dry Dog Food Chicken Meal & Rice, Dry Dog Food Lamb Meal & Rice, along with Dry Dogfood Platinum having certain production codes and “Best By” date due to potential salmonella contamination.

What Sort of Products Does Canidae Offer?

When It comes to their cat food products, Canidae offers both tender food and wet food options. These cat foods are divided among two Major Products — All Life Stages and PURE. The All Life Stages merchandise lineup comprises the food that is dry and Wet food options especially formulated for indoor cats in addition to two life stages formulas. The PURE line of products includes grain-free recipes Containing premium proteins like fresh salmon, mackerel, and trout.


The Canidae Company Provides a complete of twenty five dry cat foods goods split involving That the All Life Stages and also PURE product traces. sizes. All these recipes are made with superior ingredients such as the Plus alternative which contains carbohydrates, strong antioxidants, antioxidants, along with healthful Amino acids. The PURE lineup of merchandise comprises grain-free recipes which Are made out of fresh, wholefoods such as digestion. All these are easy recipes Made out of a very low quantity of ingredients to guarantee balanced nutrition with a Minimal-risk for tripping food allergies or sensitivities. Here’s a listing of Canidae dry cat foods items:

All Life Stages Dry Food Recipes:

  • All Life Stages with Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Fish Meals
  • All Life Stages Indoor with Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, & Fish Meals
  • All Life Stages with Chicken Meal & Rice

Grain-Free PURE Dry Food Recipes:

  • Elements Cat and Kitten Recipe with Fresh Chicken
  • Stream Cat and Kitten Recipe with Fresh Trout
  • Meadow Senior Cat Recipe with Fresh Chicken
  • Ocean Indoor Cat Recipe with Fresh Tuna
  • Control Hairball Control Recipe with Fresh Chicken
  • Foundations Kitten Recipe with Fresh Chicken
  • Sea Cat and Kitten Recipe with Fresh Salmon
  • Resolve Weight Management Recipe with Fresh Chicken

Canidae Canned Cat Food Products:

Canidae Offers a total of 1 distinct canned Foods which can be divided Between both services and products — All Life Stages and PURE. The PURE line of Products comprises an Array of recipes produced from premium proteins Such as Duck, poultry and salmon — these recipes are present in both 13.2-ounce headset And 3-ounce headphones. The All Life Stages lineup of canned foods also comes in 2 Different Sizes with recipes to suit the All Life Stages tender food formulas. Here Is a Set of Canidae canned cat foods items:

All Life Stages Canned Food Recipes:

  • All Life Stages Recipe Made with Chicken, Lamb & Fish
  • Indoor Recipe Made with Chicken, Lamb & Fish
  • All Life Stages Recipe Made with Chicken & Rice
  • Chicken Entrée Wet Food
  • Oceanfish Entrée Wet Food
  • Lamb Entrée Wet Food
  • Yellowfin Tuna Entrée Wet Food
  • Turkey Entrée Wet Food
  • Salmon Entrée Wet Food

Grain-Free PURE Canned Food Recipes

  • Elements Adult Chicken, Turkey & Lamb Formula
  • Adult Cat Turkey & Rabbit Recipe
  • Sea Adult Salmon & Mackerel Formula
  • Adult Cat Chicken Recipe
  • Adult Cat Salmon Recipe
  • Adult Cat Duck & Duck Liver Recipe
  • Adult Cat Trout & Lobster Recipe
  • Adult Cat Seafood Recipe

Canidae Cat Treats:

Along with a Range of wet and dry cat foods goods, Canidae also supplies a small range of cat treats. Most those treats Fit in with this Grain-Free PURE Taste Treats distinct services and products and now there are just four Flavors available:

  • Fresh Chicken Recipe
  • Game Bird Recipe
  • Fresh Salmon Recipe

Fresh Trout Recipe

This Canidae All Life Stages in door Adult Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Fish Meal Recipe is one of three tender food formulations that are made to fulfill the nutritional demands of cats within every life . This recipe especially is formulated for indoor cats that means it’s encouraged to promote routine digestion, and also to greatly lessen hairballs, also to boost skin and coat health. Manufactured together with best protein articles to carry your kitty’s body mass, then this recipe helps your furry friend to maintain up a healthier weight reduction. It’s also packed with pure flavor!

The Before getting focused on the term “meal” here, believe the simple fact fresh meats comprise up to 80\% moisture out of volume — after the kitty food product is cooked, then not quite all this moisture is lost and also the component fundamentally ends up using a lesser volume. Steak meals, on the other side, have already been already consumed to approximately 10\% moisture, meaning they truly are exceptionally focused about content. Actually, meat foods contain up to 300 percent more protein by volume in comparison with new meats. In addition, it does not hurt this recipe incorporates a few supplementary sources of protein like poultry meal, Shrimp meal, poultry product, together with sea fish meal.

In Although some of these ingredients Contain grains and glutens, they have been also considered quite clear origins of Vitamin such as cats. You may worry by the absolute selection of carbohydrate-based ingredients present in this recipe nevertheless the bonded analysis still shows a primitive fiber material below 5 per cent. In addition, you can find a number of new sources of Vitamin such as pineapple and papaya. These ingredients provide supplemental fiber and behave as natural resources for vital nutritional elements.

The Rest of the ingredients within this Canidae All Life Stages in doorway Adult Chicken, Guru Biotics, and artificial nutrient supplements. Chicken fat — a much more top quality and exceptionally concentrated source of energy for most moms. It is balanced from sunflower and flaxseed oil, two fats which can be fermented which Assist guarantee a mixture of omega3 and omega6 fatty acids. This recipe includes Both artificial vitamins and minerals vitamins, though a range of these minerals are chelated helping make them easier to your cat’s own body to digest and consume. The dried Fermentation services and products that are in addition listed become pro-biotics to boost your Kitty’s healthy and normal digestion.

This Recipe has been formulated to satisfy the nutritional levels based By AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance. To feed your furry friend this specific recipe, then offer cats weighing 5 to 10 pounds between 1/2 to 2/3 cups cats along with per day weighing 10 to 15 pounds 2/3 cup to 1 cup, then ideally dividing it into two meals. In case your furry friend appears to be gaining an unhealthy amount of weight, then you may want to reduce his everyday portion just a bit. For cats that slim down or be lethargic, think about increasing the everyday part. This item has to be fed at room temperature and any uneaten portion ought to be well ventilated.

Over All this recipe is loaded with healthy Ingredients nevertheless, because lots of the ingredients have the capability to Activate food allergies and sensitivities (chiefly the sausage), this could well not be The ideal option for some cats. There is not any denying This recipe is Laden with quality proteins and healthy fats — furthermore, it comprises Lots of additives including chelated minerals, lactic acid acid fiber (by the Inulin), and probiotics. Overall, this recipe offers the kitty a top quality

Wet Cat Food Recipe Review: Canidae Grain-Free PURE Sea Adult Cat Salmon & Mackerel Formula Wet Food

This Canidae Grain-Free PURE Sea Mature Cat Salmon & Mackerel Formula can be a non-prescription formula created with quality ingredients to deliver balanced and complete nutrition for cats within all life stages. This recipe is grain-free and created employing a minimal variety of ingredients, making it a excellent solution for cats who have problems with food allergies and sensitivities. As this formulation is invisibly in fish broth, it’s rich in natural flavor that your cat wont need the ability to get enough of.

The Very First ingredient on this Canidae Grain-Free These are both high quality resources of animal protein which also creates them proteins that are absolute. A detailed protein is in reality a protein that comprises all of the necessary amino acids that the kitty’s human body is unable to synthesize on its own. Mackerel is comprised as a supplementary protein plus this recipe also includes kelp that comprises a plant protein. The complete protein content with this recipe is 1-2 \\% that, translated in to a dry matter basis, could be the food that is dry equivalent of roughly 54 percent that is well in the ideal protein scope for most cats based on the Merck Veterinary Manual.

Along with being loaded with healthful Proteins, this specific recipe also comprises healthy fats and fats that are digestible. Canola oil can be your main resource of fat Within this recipe, offering a concentrated source of energy for the dog. Plant-based fats provide lesser bio-availability for cats than animal fats, nevertheless the Fish ingredients in this recipe contribute in to help balance out the omega-3 and omega6 fatty acid material of this recipe. This balance is essential for promoting the health of your pet’s skin and coat.


This recipe has been formulated to meet the Nutritional supplements Growing kittens might need around double this variety and pregnant or lactating female cats may require 2 to four times that this sum. For adult cats, then adhere to the feeding tips for all months while maintaining your attention on your cat’s health and disease. If your cat is apparently gaining an unhealthy volume of cash, then you might like to cut back his regular part just a very small bit. For cats who discard fat or become lethargic, then look at increasing the daily part. This thing should be fed at room temperature alongside almost any rice portion needs to be well ventilated.

Overall, This recipe starts off strong with Various excellent sources of animal protein in addition to organic flavor. The easy fact that this recipe is the main supply of fat is really plant-based is a small problem — that the larger problem is using carrageenan as a thickener in this formulation. The rest of the part of this recipe, however, are of decent quality. Chelated vitamins help ensure optimum nutrient absorption and sweet potatoes supply some organic nutritional elements to coordinate with the artificial vitamin supplements. Overall, this recipe may endure some little improvements but it would still be a wonderful alternative for the pet.

Canidae Cat Food Review – Final Verdict

Overall, That the Canidae new cat food can be a High quality brand which gives a wholesome assortment of dry food and canned food items. Canidae utilizes an assortment of high quality parts in their Recipes plus so they’re careful to make their formulas in a way that rewards The brand May Not be entirely clear about How their goods are all made, but there aren’t any substantial consumer complaints. In Addition, although Canidae was influenced by a single remember Within the Last Handful of years, it had been around for all their dog food goods, maybe not really a kitty Food product. Overall you can trust any one of Canidae’s cat foods things Perhaps not to merely meet, but exceed your cat’s nutritional requirements and to Achieve this at a new, healthful manner. Tons of Canidae’s products are also Created with a restricted amount of ingredients that’s very valuable for cats Overall, your kitty will be blessed to Obtain a few of Canidae’s cat foods solutions.


Another cat food we can recommend is Nutro Cat Food, here we have compiled a complete review for it – Tiki Cat Food Review – Expert Roundup 2017

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