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Eukanuba Cat Food – Review & Recall 2017

Eukanuba Cat Food

Eukanuba (pronounced “You-Kan-Ooo-Bah”) could be the top sister food of Iams, produced by super-company Procter & Gamble. If you would like your interesting truth, then a definition of “Eukanuba” comes out of your lyric by jazz composer Hoagy Carmichael, famous for writing the music to “Stardust”, “Georgia on My Head”, “The Nearness of You”, along with “Heart & Soul”.

“Eukanuba” Is believed to mean “something ultimate”. They want to offer this belief, but would be your food very most magnificent?

Eukanuba Cat Food Recall

There has been no recalls registered or mentioned anywhere regarding this cat food brand.

Eukanuba Cat Food Discontinued – It Never Happened

Eukanuba Cat Food With Chicken & Fiber is a tasty, nutritionally balanced food for adult cats. Made out of chicken as the main ingredient and clear of artificial sweeteners, flavours, and colours, Eukanuba is formulated with restricted degrees of dietary calcium to promote the best urinary wellness, while the crispy kibbles help to scratch tartar from the petäó”s teeth to get solid luscious gnashers. Full of calcium and antioxidants including Vitamin E such as healthy, healthy bones and also a critical immunity apparatus, Eukanuba Adult Chicken & Liver Cat Food comprises beet-pulp as an all pure supply of fibre to assist foster efficient absorption of nutrition, ensuring that the cat receives all of the goodness potentials out of every meal.

Buying from the brand you know and hope is apparently a hugely significant Part of obtaining the perfect products for your requirements. You may be quite confident you are getting exceptional quality and affordability while purchasing a more Eukanuba product. For more satisfaction detail such as yields period or some other warranty or warranty, it is possible to have more feature in our partner Waitrose Pet. Eukanuba is of course recognized among many significant brands in old products that really can help cement them as a “goto” choice. So if you are wondering “does eukanuba make cat food”? then Yes, they make great cat food.

Cat food affects your furry friend’s life, not merely during those few moments when she is eating, but for every hour of every single day. Cat food choices abound with fish, chicken, fresh tastes, hard crunch, chewy centres, and apparently, moist, meaty yummy snacks. Cat-food is devised to cover the particular nutritional requirements of cats. Cat food is specially formulated to match the specific nutrient requirements of consumers, Some particular nutrient condition that cats want is your amino acid taurine.

Why Kittens want Nutritious Food

Food for your kitten: Growing kittens wish to more nutrition for their development compared to mature or senior cats. Kittens have other special dietary needs, so make sure you acquire a kitten formula for kittens. Kittens will require supplemental food as ancient as 2-1/2 weeks after birth and certainly by four weeks because mom’s milk is not going to be a decent nutrient food resource. Kittens should only be awarded kitty substitute milk (like KMR), not cow’s milk. Kittens and ageing cats want more food than the adult cat.

A Suitable diet

Cats have particular dietary needs and as this need a balanced eating plan. There are lots of commercially available brands of cat food available which will fulfil your pet’s nutritional requirements. Don’t try to feed your kitty a home-made diet or alternative human absorbed foods unless you have spent a great deal of time researching, as specific food s may do more harm than good.

Dried Poultry and poultry appears to be a sensible addition, and also an adequate supply of protein. It is regarded after water was removed that will be a fantastic item and solidifies it since the prime component in your food.

Chicken Viscera arrives alongside, that is the exquisite method of labelling a by-product. Viscera = poultry organs and guts. It will not sound ultimate for me but is possibly in song with a kitty’s natural diet. Fish liver is contained as a healthy member beef, which makes up 9 percent of their food. An excessive amount of liver can lead to vitamin A toxicity that could impact your cat’s bones. I have seen it used as a far more prominent ingredient in different brands (like Purina). Therefore I am not too worried about the total amount of this food.

The components out of here on in Are not excellent. Wheat along with Maize Grits (aka corn grits) are useless ingredients at a kitty food, contained merely as economical fillers. Fish Meal is popularly employed as a suspicious supply of nourishment. Beet Pulp can be a supply of fibre, nevertheless is carbonated and possibly harmful for the gastrointestinal tract. Chicken consume really a noodle generated when cows are consumed to develop an affordable amount of meat ingredients (no1 and #2 in the list). Also, brewers yeast can be a by-product of beer brewing.

Name of the ProductImageWhere to BuyAverage Reviews
Eukanuba Sterilised/Weight Control Adult Dry Cat Food (1.5kg) (Pack of 4)
Eukanuba Veterinary Diet Restricted Calorie for Cats (1.5kg) (Pack of 4)
Eukanuba Veterinary Diet Urinary Oxalate for Cats 1.5kg (Pack of 4)
Eukanuba Veterinary Diet Urinary Struvite for Cats (1.5kg) (Pack of 4)
Eukanuba Sterilised/Weight Control Adult Dry Cat Food (1.5kg) (Pack of 2)
Eukanuba Veterinary Diet Urinary Struvite for Cats (1.5kg) (Pack of 2)
Eukanuba Veterinary Diet Restricted Calorie for Cats (1.5kg) (Pack of 2)
Eukanuba Veterinary Diet Urinary Oxalate for Cats 1.5kg (Pack of 2)

Eukanuba Wet Cat Food

  • Eukanuba Adult Chicken
  • Eukanuba Adult Entree With Gourmet Chicken
  • Eukanuba Adult Entree with Pacific Salmon
  • Eukanuba Adult Salmon And Rice
  • Eukanuba Adult Sensitive Stomach
  • Eukanuba Adult Weight Control
  • Eukanuba Chicken For Kittens
  • Eukanuba Entree With Gourmet Chicken For Kittens
  • Eukanuba Entree with Lamb And Rice
  • Eukanuba Indoor Hairball Relief
  • Eukanuba Lamb And Rice (Dry)
  • Eukanuba Mature Care (Dry)
  • Eukanuba Weight Control and Hairball Relief


Dried Chicken And Turkey (20 percent, an All Natural Way to Obtain Taurine), Chicken Viscera, Chicken Liver (9 percent), Rice, Maize Grits, Fish Meal, Animal Fat, Dried Beet Pulp (3.3 percent), Dried Whole Egg, Chicken Consume, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Brewer’s Dried Yeast, Sodium Chloride.


Even though That the Eukanuba Company asserts excellent health for the kitty, this formulation does not seem to meet its name. It comprises contaminants and meager high-quality ingredients which could cause severe medical problems on your furry friend. It is particularly crucial that you avert this cat-food if your cat is affected by allergies or has difficulty consuming corn. We do observe that meat items have been recorded as the most effective 2-ingredients and we have been delighted to understand that. However, by-products are not precisely the maximum grade beef products and also the fat origin is additionally in the unnamed creature, as well as the utilization of corn and cornmeal. Different ingredients, like beet pulp along with organic taste, are not all that reassuring, either. When most cats have to perform fine with this formula, in our own opinion, it is not among those better cat-food mixtures readily available. Would you agree? Disagree? Tell us in the comment section below.

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