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Merrick Pet Food was created in 1988 near Amarillo, Texas, beginning with healthy dog treats. The brand has extended since that time to include things like dog foods. In 2012 the company unveiled the Purrfect Bistro selection of 21 increased protein, grain absolutely free canned as well as dry cat foods. Merrick additionally owns Castor & Pollux, ORGANIX, and Natural Ultramix pet foods; and Before Grain, and Whole Earth Farms pet meals. Read our expert guide on Merrick Cat Food to know more about it.

Who Manufactures Merrick Cat Food?

Merrick has canning as well as dry pet foods operations in Hereford, Texas and they’ve organic certification under the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) for many of their Texas manufacturing facilities. Merrick Pet Care, Inc., will be the only organic-certified company for each dry as well as canned foods for pets.

Merrick Cat Food Recalls 2017

Merrick had a selection of dog treat recalls in 2010 as well as 2011. However, it was before they made cat food and before they developed their very own manufacturing plant. They don’t seem to have had any recalls since that moment. Based on the website, there were accounts of canned cat food that contains mold in 2013, but no recollection was given.

All-around Merrick Cat Food Reviews as well as Analysis Frankly, opinions are actually split about the Merrick’s pet meals. A number of individuals that have given Merrick food for a long time experience that the nuts has fallen in the past few years. See the comment area on this page, for instance. Both dog and cat owners have conveyed some dissatisfaction with the food items and believed that their domestic pets wouldn’t eat them. Even some pets that previously liked the ingredients didn’t wish to consume them after what were perceived to be adjustments in ingredients produced by the business. Many recalls in 2010 as well as 2011 raised uncertainties about the company’s manufacturing procedure.

On the positive side, Merrick states they utilize regional growers for their ingredients; absolutely no chicken by-product dishes, no synthetic preservatives, without corn, wheat, soya bean, and gluten. As much as their cat foods, Merrick makes 2 effective product lines: Purrfect Bistro along with Limited Ingredient Diet. Both lines are actually grain free. They both are available in dried out and canned foods. Merrick additionally tends to make Before Grain dry cat food that will come in 2 recipes


5 kibbles and sixteen wet foods are included by purrfect Bistro recipes. A formula for kittens, a senior recipe, a recipe for weight that is healthy, and recipes with salmon and chicken are included by the kibbles. Canned recipes consist of beef pate, beef Wellington, chicken a la king, chicken casserole, chicken divan, chicken pate, rain cookout, Grammy’s pot pie, salmon pate, browse & turf pate, Thanksgiving Day dinner, turkey pate, turducken, tuna pate, tuna nicoise, and duck pate. (Note that you will find a couple of different canned recipes though they do not appear on the Purrfect Bistro webpage. You’ve to look for them on the Merrick site.) Purrfect Bistro utilizes deboned meat as the first ingredient of theirs in both their wet and dry foods. Based on Merrick, their Purrfect Bistro formulation is actually seventy four % protein and fat, along with twenty six % carbs, vitamins, fiber, and minerals.


Limited Ingredient Diets have a sole source of (deboned) animal proteins and are actually claimed to be for cats with food sensitivities. They’ve absolutely no cereals, soy, and gluten. They’ve no artificial flavors, different colors, or perhaps additives. The food items don’t have chicken, dairy, beef, or eggs, which may be allergy triggers for several cats. They do contain peas, potatoes, and flaxseeds, nonetheless, which may provide the own problems of theirs for several animals.

2 kibbles – turkey and salmon are included by limited Ingredient Diet recipes. They’ve 4 wet foods: turkey, salmon, duck, and chicken.

The Before Grain dry cat foods seem to be a far more meat based line of food. Merrick states:


Before conventional grain based diets had been developed, mealtime for decades of cats was supplied by nature. Our fresh Before Grain product line offers a diet loaded with high quality meat and bio available nutrients the manner in which nature intended. We think a diet based largely on meat that is fresh, very sky blue fruit, nutrient dense veggies and high quality oils add to general wellness and longevity.

Meat is the very first component. The food items have absolutely no cereals, no synthetic preservatives, different colors, or perhaps flavors, and absolutely no by-products. However, Merrick doesn’t have much info about these food items on their website. Customer reviews recommend that these nuts are difficult to find in shops. They are available in 2 kibble recipes: chicken as well as salmon.


Looking through Merrick’s dry cat foods, peas are actually prominent with their Purrfect Bistro along with Limited Ingredient Diet formulas. While peas are actually a great source of minerals and vitamins and certainly will contribute a bit of fiber to the diet plan, as being a plant supply of proteins, they’re not so appealing for your cat. Peas along with other legumes (like soy) also can mimic estrogen as well as interfere with your cat’s endocrine system. Because of this, we chose to go over Merrick’s Before Grain Chicken Dry Cat Food instead since it doesn’t wear peas or perhaps other legumes or perhaps lentils which could trigger these issues.


The very first 5 ingredients in Before Grain Chicken are actually Chicken Deboned, Chicken Meal, Potato Dehydrated, Turkey Meal, Chicken Fat (preserved with assorted tocopherols a supply of Vitamin E). This foods seems to be aiming at the greater protein/biologically proper diet niche for cats occupied by organizations like Orijen. 3 meat proteins in the very first 5 ingredients looks great and most cats will likely like the meat.


Deboned chicken generally has 60-80 % protein and 20-40 % fat. This is a great source of Vitamin B6 in addition to Phosphorus, and also a really great source of Niacin as well as Selenium. However, if the moisture content had been taken out of the deboned chicken, this particular ingredient would most likely be situated smaller on the list.


Chicken meal is actually a dehydrated type of chicken which has had the majority of the moisture deleted. The protein and other nutrition will be a little more focused in chicken meal. Many people think that chicken meal is an excellent pet food ingredient. Taken collectively, the deboned chicken as well as chicken meal surely appear to make up a good deal of the food.


The 3rd ingredient is actually dehydrated potatoes. While majority of people agree that carbs should not make up a great portion of a cat’s diet, they’re in a position to digest several carbohydrates. Potatoes, obviously, are not really a grain which may cause them to become much easier for a cat to break down in this particular type. Potatoes are about 92 % carbs, seven % protein, and one % fat. They’re also an excellent source of Thiamin as well as Vitamin B6, along with a really great tool of Vitamin C. And they’re a dietary fiber. Potatoes will help slow down the digestion of sugars into the blood stream and prevent blood glucose levels steady. Thus, you might not be excited about providing your cat carbohydrates, but there could be a few advantages.


The 4th component in the food is actually turkey meal. Turkey is fairly small in fat and loaded with protein. Turkey breast meat has almost as seventy % protein, fourteen % carbs, and sixteen % fat, although the figures for the whole turkey will be somewhat different. Turkey is actually an a great supply of Phosphorus and Riboflavin, and also a really great source of Selenium. Because this’s turkey meal, nearly all almost all of the moisture content has been eliminated and other nutrients and the protein are far more focused. This’s a great component for pet foods.

The fifth ingredient is actually chicken fat (preserved with assorted tocopherols). Chicken fat is a great named fat which is advantageous for cats. It is also great for your cat’s coat and skin – as well as a great source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.


Dried egg product is included by some other components of attention in the food. Egg system is at times included to pet foods to enhance the protein portion. Although a few cats have allergies or maybe food sensitivities to eggs, it is not a bad ingredient and almost all cats are able to consume eggs without a dilemma. The food also includes “yeast culture.” In pet foods terminology, this could be an inactive or active dietary supplement which consists of enzymes & Vitamin B. It’s thought to prompted “good” germs in the intestines. It’s to not be mixed up with brewer’s nutritional yeast or yeast. Some owners have claimed that their pets were sensitive to this particular ingredient though we do not have some hard evidence to support the claims. It’s utilized in numerous pet foods.

The food also includes a selection of fermentation products, majority of which are actually familiar and used in numerous pet foods now. Nevertheless, we cannot say for certain what many of them do. Generally, fermentation products serve as pre and probiotics to assist good bacteria develop in the intestines and assist pets digest food much better.


The food additionally uses amino acid complexes to bind minerals and cause them to become much more bioavailable. For instance, you are able to see the explanation of the manganese protein complicated here. Chelated or perhaps proteinated minerals today are used by many pet foods. This is merely another type of mineral supplementation.

The food does consist of salt, that is a questionable additive. And additional organic chicken and pork flavor are contained by it, but as additional flavors go, these are not typically too bad. The cat of yours will most likely love the flavor they include.

Merrick Before Grain Chicken Dry Cat Food is like a really great cat food, based mostly on its ingredients. We do not see much here to fault.


Calorie Content (calculated): 3780 kcal/kg (calculated) One pound provides 1719 kcal of metabolizable energy (calculated). 107 kcal per ounce.

Guaranteed Analysis: Merrick Dry Cat Food

Crude Protein (Not Less Than) 36.0%
Crude Fat (Not Less Than) 18.0%
Crude Fiber (Not More Than) 3.0%
Moisture (Not More Than) 11.0%

Before Grain Chicken is actually developed to meet the food levels started by the AAFCO Cat Food nutrient profiles for those life stages.


Dry Matter Basis: This food comes with an estimated 40.5 % protein, 20.2 % fat, 3.4 % fiber, and 28 % carbohydrates. (AAFCO suggestions for proteins for adult cats are actually a minimum of 26 % and thirty % for growing kittens; as well as nine % extra fat for both adult cats and increasing kittens) Clearly this particular food is actually loaded with protein and fat and comparatively small in carbohydrates. The calories are usually really high. Do focus on just how much food you’re feeding since your cat might easily gain weight consuming this particular food.

Merrick Wet Cat Food Reviews: Merrick Purrfect Bistro

The vast majority of ingredients are actually sourced from family farms across the country unless not regionally accessible. Merrick doesn’t source any components from China. Somehow, Merrick manages to do all of this with fewer warehouses & distributors, so that the materials make it from farm to your cat’s bowl fresher and quicker. It’s tough to locate a food that meets every one of the circumstances.

Premium ingredients: Every one of Merrick’s formulas are actually free of corn, soybean, gluten and wheat. They don’t include artificial preservatives or any by-products.


The taste test: Though the true test of any food is actually whether the cats of yours will consume it, right?

Ruby and Allegra were excited to evaluate a number of formulas from Merrick’s Purrfect Bistro collection. Because I do not advocate dried up foods, and since Ruby has proven some sensitivity to specific proteins in the past, I requested for poultry flavors. We got the Chicken Pate, Turkey Pate, Duck Pate, Grammy’s Pot Pie, Thanksgiving Turducken and Dinner flavors. The latter 3 are actually minced in gravy.


Allegra liked all 6 of the flavors, but did have a small choice for the pate like varieties. Ruby required a little support with the minced flavors before she began eating them. The chicken was preferred by her as well as turkey pate, and absolutely loved the duck pate (in the case of her, the big difference between “like” as well as “love” requires that while she gladly consumed each chicken as well as turkey, just the duck resulted in a totally healthy plate.) The duck pate even appeared to be Allegra’s favorite – although she virtually inhaled all of the flavors, the duck disappeared a lot quicker than the others.

I like the line of meals, with a single exception: it does have carrageenan. Nevertheless, Merrick is actually coming out with a minimal Ingredient Diet later on this spring/summer, which won’t include carrageenan. Search for a review here once it becomes available. I am hoping that eventually, Merrick is going to remove carrageenan from all of the formulas of theirs.

Merrick Purrfect Bistro Cat Food

Merrick Cat Food Review 2


Merrick Purrfect Bistro has provided cats a complete selection of high quality, grain free natural nourishment in recipes that begin with true deboned meat as probably the finest ingredient and feline friendly bistro flavors in an assortment of textures and proteins.

Now Merrick is actually expanding the Purrfect Bistro lineup with the inclusion of wet recipes and new kibble, in addition to a brand new lineup of Gourmet Shreds formulas. Purrfect Bistro recipes are hundred % grain free, high and digestible highly in essential fatty acids like Omega-3s and Omega-6s to replenish cat’s skin and fur to keep it smooth. Merrick suggests as a blend of Purrfect Bistro dry as well as canned recipes for a nutritious diet regime of high protein as well as moisture content, moderate body fat amounts along with a reduced amount of carbohydrates.


Merrick Backcountry Cat Food: CATS CRAVE A PROTEIN RICH DIET

Merrick Backcountry is actually an all natural, grain absolutely free ancestral feline diet loaded with protein which cats crave. Backcountry provides a unique blend of protein rich, grain free kibble with real entire pieces of raw freeze dried fish or perhaps chicken. This balanced combination offers the health advantage of a raw diet in a handy recipe. Backcountry cat food is created with probably the finest natural ingredients.

Merrick Kitten Food

Kittens thrive on a grain free diet very high in quality protein with average body fat levels and decreased levels of sugars. That is the reason this particular Purrfect Bistro Healthy Kitten Recipe is actually the very best option that offers healthy nutrition for the growing kitty.

Key Benefits

  • Complete and well balanced dry cat food that’s especially developed to offer precise nourishment for your growing kitten
  • Features high proteins deboned chicken, chicken supper as well as turkey meal as the very first ingredients
  • Fortified with vitamins that are essential, minerals, antioxidants and probiotics, and also essential fatty acids to help skin and coat health Grain free formula is actually great for cats with sensitivities. Ideal for outdoor and indoor kittens up to twelve months
  • Merrick pet food is actually prepared in their private kitchens for over twenty five years. This guarantees probably the best quality assurance since they’ve immediate control over the baking process. Everything is actually handcrafted in batches that are small and it is closely monitored to make certain that each meal provides the ideal balance of nutrition assured right on the label.

Final Thoughts for Merrick Cat & Kitten Food

Some long-time Merrick clients appear to be unhappy with modifications to formulas the business has produced in the last 2 or perhaps 3 years. We also discovered many issues about Merrick’s cans – dents, mold, spoilage as well as the like. Several of the product lines seem to use a great deal of peas which we don’t suggest for cats or even dogs. However, we actually enjoyed Before Grain Chicken Dry Cat Food. Recommended.

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