They Say McDonald’s Is Removing Artificial Ingredients – But The Menu is Still Full Of Them!

They Say McDonald's Is Removing Artificial Ingredients - But The Menu is Still Full Of Them!

This story about McDonald’s was everywhere in the information… Did you see it? Listed here are some headlines:

McDonald’s removing artificial additives from its burgers” – CNN Cash

McDonald’s burgers: New recipes remove artificial ingredients” – CBS Information

McDonald’s Nixes Artificial Ingredients from Its Burgers” – Meals & Wine

Sounds fairly good, proper? At first, I used to be very intrigued.

But after doing a bit digging, I obtained ticked off by these information tales. 

Most of these headlines can lead individuals into believing that McDonald’s has made sweeping modifications and that their meals is not made with synthetic elements however that is FAR from the case, as I’ll reveal under.

Right here’s the reality about McDonald’s meals.

Excessive fructose corn syrup is nonetheless in ALL of the basic McDonald’s burgers.

McDonald’s didn’t take away excessive fructose corn syrup from the ketchup or Huge Mac Sauce that they placed on their basic burgers.

And that’s not all these information tales neglected…

The “new” ingredient listing at McDonald’s is a who’s who listing of elements to keep away from. Artificial dyes, synthetic flavors, synthetic emulsifiers, and synthetic preservatives are nonetheless very DOMINANT on their menu.

As an example, McDonald’s buns include two synthetic (artificial) emulsifiers…

I’ve written concerning the synthetic emulsifiers DATEM and Mono-and-Diglycerides prior to now. These two components will not be precisely protected as a result of they will include trans fat. Trans fat have been linked to coronary heart illness and the CDC has attributed them to as much as 7,000 coronary coronary heart illness deaths annually within the U.S.

You’ll discover these synthetic emulsifiers in primarily all the sandwiches at McDonald’s… the Quarter Pounder, Huge Mac, Cheeseburger, Hamburger, McChicken, McMuffins – each McDonald’s sandwich made on with a sesame seed bun, common bun, english muffin, or artisan roll.

The pickles on virtually each McDonald’s burger include the emulsifier Polysorbate 80. A 2015 research hyperlinks Polysorbate 80 to vital weight achieve and inflammatory bowel illness. This is NOT a crucial ingredient in pickles… those I purchase positive don’t have it! And, they are artificially preserved with Potassium Sorbate, which some proof finds to be genotoxic to white blood cells.

McDonald’s nonetheless provides caramel shade to the well-known Massive Mac Sauce.

McDonald’s can get away with saying it incorporates no “artificial colors” as a result of the business considers caramel colour “natural”… however I positive don’t! Caramel shade is sometimes made in a laboratory by reacting corn sugar with ammonia and sulfites underneath excessive strain and temperature. When caramel shade is made like this, it produces the byproduct four-Mel. A U.S authorities funded research discovered that feeding mice caramel coloring IV (which contained four-Mel) elevated their danger of creating lung most cancers and leukemia, at each dosage degree. And the Worldwide Company for Analysis on Most cancers classifies four-Mel as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.

To be truthful, there are safer types of caramel shade obtainable for the business to make use of. Which is why I gave McDonald’s the good thing about the doubt and requested them what sort of caramel shade they use. I used to be informed that this info is “proprietary and not available”. (I’ll depart it as much as you to determine whether or not you assume they use a safer model after that response!)

The backside line is that caramel colour is completely UNNECESSARY and POTENTIALLY RISKY. It’s solely used so as to add a brown colour… and does McDonald’s actually need to paint their “special sauce” brown to make their clients completely happy? I doubt it. This is the identical ingredient that we campaigned Starbucks to take away from their drinks – they usually did! If Starbucks can do it, I do know McDonald’s can too.

It’s true that McDonald’s has eliminated some nasty components from their meals in the previous few years…

Again once I investigated McDonald’s in 2015, they used the synthetic preservative BHA in 10 menu gadgets. BHA has now been eliminated. Gone is additionally the propyl gallate and TBHQ. The synthetic dough conditioner azodicarbonamide (yoga mat) was utilized in almost all of their buns – and now it’s solely in a single (a “bakery style bun” that could be utilized in some places, however is not a core merchandise). These are huge wins!

But, McDonald’s didn’t take away synthetic colours from their burgers…

…and, that’s as a result of they didn’t include synthetic colours to start with! 

McDonald’s actually solely provides synthetic dyes (like Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Pink 40, Blue 1) to some shakes and the Frappe Mocha. And, they nonetheless do as we speak…

You’ll discover synthetic dyes in McDonald’s EggNog Shake, Shamrock Shake, and Frappe Mochas. As I’ve written many occasions earlier than, these dyes are derived from petroleum and linked to well being points starting from most cancers to behavioral points in youngsters. They haven’t any enterprise being in our meals. 

Regardless of the headlines, McDonald’s meals is filled with synthetic and dangerous components.

  • You’ll nonetheless discover Sodium Phosphate (an artificial preservative) in all McDonald’s bacon burgers and McChicken sandwiches. Consuming this preservative typically can put you at a larger danger of kidney issues and coronary heart illness.
  • McDonald’s biscuits, ice cream, shakes, and iced espresso incorporates Carrageenan (a thickener and emulsifier linked to digestive points and most cancers).
  • McDonald’s sweetens lots of their sauces and bagels with Excessive Fructose Corn Syrup (a extremely processed sweetener comprised of GMO corn). This sweetener has been proven to contribute extra to weight problems and sort 2 diabetes than common cane sugar (sucrose). 
  • Caramel shade (an pointless shade linked to most cancers) may be discovered slathered on their well-known Massive Mac, and in McGriddles breakfast sandwiches, Vanilla Shakes, and Oatmeal. 
  • The shredded cheese in McDonald’s salads is coated in Cellulose, an additive derived from wooden that is linked to intestinal irritation, inflammatory bowel illness, and “significant” weight achieve.
  • McDonald’s spikes their Hen McNuggets and Bacon Smokehouse Burger with the hidden MSG additive Yeast Extract. You’ll discover extra hidden MSG within the type of hydrolyzed proteins within the Huge Mac Sauce. These components are used as a cleaner-sounding alternative for MSG – however are primarily the identical factor.
  • Inexplicably, McDonald’s continues to make use of Dimethylpolysiloxane (an artificial defoaming additive) in all of their fried meals within the U.S., although they don’t use it within the U.Okay. Humorous, they will make fries within the U.Okay. with out it, huh?

I feel McDonald’s can do higher. And, they need to!

McDonald’s is as soon as-once more ranked because the #1 hottest quick meals chain in America, surpassing everybody else in gross sales. This implies a number of People are consuming there – even in the event you don’t.

Please share this submit and inform your folks who nonetheless eat at McDonald’s.

Nobody must be consuming these dangerous components at the preferred quick meals restaurant in America. Don’t you agree?



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